A Brand New Food & Drink Blog from Madmumof7 & Son.

I started madmumof7 over 7 years ago when I had young children and my life was pretty much all about being a mum. The title was my already my Twitter handle and so it seemed an obvious choice.


The youngest of those children is about to start secondary school and this website has morphed into more of a family friendly lifestyle with travel and food site than a record of may parenting highs and lows. Although they still feature occasionally...

Apart from my family, food and drink is my next biggest love and although I have dedicated food and drink categories this site, for a while I've fancied starting a website entirely dedicated to food and drink.

My eldest son Jacob (aged 26) who shares my love of good food and eating out was visiting recently and as always we found ourselves talking about ingredients, recipes and restaurants we love.

Jacob from The Eat Sheets

I am based just outside London where you can get pretty much any genre of cuisine from all parts of the globe and he lives in Portsmouth where there is a booming food and drink scene with fantastic pop up street food markets, craft breweries and awesome cocktail bars.

Who better to team up with to share our love of all things edible and the best products and ingredients to make awesome food at home? And what better time than lockdown when we can't actually go out to bars and restaurants but have more time to focus on the IT side of starting a new website.

We came up with the name "The Eat Sheets" based on the idea of cheat sheets (Wikipedia definition "a concise set of notes used for quick reference")

The Eat Sheets logo

We are hoping it will become a go-to resource for recipe, restaurant and product recommendations or at least spark your imagination and make your mouth water. As time goes on we hope to travel too so we can add overseas destinations to our site.

Click HERE to visit the new website. You can subscribe via email there or just bookmark it and pop back when you can.

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We'd love some support - thank you in advance.

Jacob & Afra