Evangelical About Eco, Sustainable, Earth-Friendly Products

I've always been keen on recycling and re-using and used reusable bags before they were a thing, but the older I get, the more I feel there is more I can do to make our family life more ecological. Trouble is with a larger than average family we've always had to watch the pennies very carefully and earth-friendly products used to come with quite hefty financial burden.

Earth from space Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Reviews weren't always great too. It's all very well trying to do your bit for the planet but three loads of white school shirts a week plus work and play clothes for 9 need to come clean.

As going green is much more of a way of life for so many more people finally more sustainable, earth friendly, ethically sourced products seem to to have improved in both price and efficacy.

Add to that my usual big brand laundry pods seem to be more fragile then previously and you lose a few to a sticky pool in every box PLUS you can't adjust the dose for your load AND the stupid new childproof boxes which this 51 year old doesn't seem to be able to open and you have the seeds of change firmly sown in this frustrated woman's brain.

I used dissatisfaction with my usual product, the extra time and lack of shopping options I had in early lockdown 2020 and increasing concern about my health conditions and my children's future as the impetus to research and trial a variety of eco products from refillable deodorants with all natural ingredients to the best laundry stain remover I have EVER used. 

Over the next few weeks I will be posting up detailed reviews of each of the products I have used from kitchen cleaners to skin cleansers, washing up brushes to reusable face pads, dishwasher tablets, beauty products and more.

eco products

Most I have paid for myself, some have been sent to me free to review. I'll always make it clear which are which. All did cost more than my previous (budget) buys but mostly by not very much and I often made further savings by signing up to subscription services which save money, time and packaging and cuts down on car journeys. 

Feel free to share your eco-product tips in the comment section below whatever social media you are using. And if you make or sell such products feel free to contact me if you can offer me anything to review.