Creative Solutions Online for Work, Rest & Play

When I was a child party invitations came in a packet (generally featuring pirates or princesses), you had to visit a printer for work related items and an art shop for hobby materials.  How times have changed! Now you can find all you need for work, rest and play online with many resources available at no cost! (AD)

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During lockdown I was so grateful for the many websites I found offering printables, lessons in game form and videos from experts worldwide to liven up home tutoring.

It's incredible when you stop and think about it, how creative most people are in their day to day life without even thinking about it. From designing flyers for school and charity events to making hilarious, custom T-shirts for Hen and Stag events, creating exactly what you want is so much easier in this hi-tech world.

We've just handed out custom mugs and hoodies to our Year 6 leavers and this is exactly the kind of project which is made so much easier with over 150,000 free or affordable digital products on offer at Design Bundles.

child wearing custom leavers hoody

Browse graphics, templates, mock-ups, patterns, illustrations and craft files depending what you are hoping to create and get discounts of up to 96% of the RRP with their specially curated design bundles.

Not sure what you need? Don't be put off by file names like .jpg, .png or .svg. A simple search online will help you understand which type of file you need for your project.

What is an SVG File?

I hadn't heard of .svg for instance but this turns out to be a very handy type of file which can be enlarged easily without losing quality.  So you might be planning a mermaid-themed party. The Design Bundles website offers a selection of cute mermaid tail svg files to choose from which could be used for everything from invitations to T-shirts for the goody bags.

With many businesses being financially impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, sites like Design Bundles could prove vital with many designs (including quite a number of free ones) coming with a commercial license. That means if you need to print disposable menus, create advertising materials for print or online use or redesign your website to reflect the changing times, you can do so yourself saving potentially thousands of pounds.

Promote Your Business 

Still on furlough  or even worse, been made redundant, and feeling the pinch? You could use some of the bundles to start a new business, maybe something craft related?  My neighbour has started a home-based business creating personalised wooden items and has set up a website and social media pages to promote it. 

She doesn't have much money to invest in her start-up so having the option to access everything she needs to create logos, business cards and advertising materials cheaply online has really helped.

My son has lost most of his babysitting work but has managed to carry on funding his car by taking on pet care and house-sitting work.  It's been quite successful so we plan to use a Design Bundles logo to create something to put on our village notice board to find more work - so much more professional looking than a scrawled note.

Create a Brand Image

Pandemic or not there are still people who need their dogs walked so if providing this service could provide a little extra income why not create some small posters and create a simple website and Facebook page to let people know you are available. You can even update your CV using resume templates.

You could use an adorable paw print svg to use and maybe even use the file to make a custom T-shirt or hoodie to advertise your little business while you walk your dogs. Many files are available in a variety of file formats so you can use them to create a consistent brand image.

paw print file from Design Bundles

Craft and Relax

Crafting is great for mental health so even if you don't have invitations to make, schoolwork to enhance or a business to promote you ( and your children) can still have a lot of fun using resources from Design Bundles.

Maybe take the time to finally collate all those travel pictures from past adventures into a beautiful memory book using templates and graphics. Or check out the selection of embroidery monograms to inspire you  and maybe make a start on home-made Christmas presents now. Monogrammed towels anyone?

With so many people still understandably reluctant to venture out too often being able to find so many resources you can use for your business or personal life in the comfort of your own home is really convenient. The only limit is your imagination.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.