Sharp Knives and Sushi

I am very much enjoying the latest fad in our house- sushi making- which means I get to eat sushi on a regular basis. It also means I have grains of sticky rice all over the kitchen but I think it's worth it.

homemade sushi

It's been something they've been keen to try for a while but it wasn't until I found a kit in a supermarket with everything we needed for a very reasonable price that I let them trash my kitchen  have a go.

We bought smoked salmon, wasabi paste, cucumber and avocado and they set to work. It really was a team effort and as time has gone on they've got better and better at it.

My eldest daughter is queen of rice prep - she has the consistency and flavour spot on for our tastes now.

Her boyfriend Peter turned out to be quite the rolling expert and creates fabulous rolls which are neat and tight.


homemade sushi

And the rest of the team? Taste testers obviously.

One thing we realised quite quickly is that having sharp knives is key to success.  I have a good set of knives but it took a while to find the right one in my collection. Then we realised for sushi purposes it was quite blunt and needed sharpening.

Luckily we'd been sent a fabulous Anysharp Pro knife sharpener to review (gifted, ad) it claims to be the worlds best knife sharpener. It's certainly the easiest and most effective one I've ever used and it looks cute too.

Here's the official blurb:

The Anysharp Pro is the world’s best knife sharpener. It turns blunt knives to like new, super sharp, slicing machines. Simply put the device onto any solid work top and pull the level so it’s suction sticks it firm. Grab a knife and gently pull it through the blades 2-3 times and within seconds and you’ll have sharp knives once again.

The Anysharp Pro is used by many celebrity and professional chefs and is a staple in many homes. Save knives and reuse - Whether you’re slicing meat, dicing vegetables, or carving the Sunday roast, a sharp blade makes cutting effortless. AnySharp Pro restores a super sharp cutting edge to blunt knife blades that have dulled with use.

particularly like the fact that the Anysharp Pro sharpens both straight and serrated blades so I can sharpen all the knives in my kitchen with just one gadget. 

Anysharp Pro knife sharpener

It's attractive and compact enough to leave out on the worktop too so no scrabbling to find it when you need to sharpen a knife.

Since my lot are making enough sushi to keep a conveyor belt stocked it's been very handy to be able to keep the knives sharp enough to keep slicing.

Our goldfish is looking nervous though......

The Anysharp Pro has a ten year warranty and is available in a range of stunning colours so suit every style. The Anysharp Pro costs from £9.99 from Amazon

Disclaimer: We received an Anysharp Pro free for the purpose of this honest review.