Unleash the Cleaning Power of Plants With Squeeky

I am currently on a mission to rethink what household and personal products I use, swapping out many old choices for more planet-friendly products, many of which could be beneficial to my family's health too.(AD)

boy holds squeeky cleaning product bottle

Harsh toxic chemicals found in many household cleaners affect skin, airways, lungs and eyes, with long term research suggesting that certain chemicals cause cancer and can even change our DNA over a period of time.

Squeeky cleaners have created a range of 100% natural, organic, eco-friendly, pet safe and vegan friendly cleaning products which are great for the home and planet. Their products can bring comfort to householders who worry that modern day living cannot be clean and natural without the use of harsh chemicals. 

All their products are plant based and made with essential oils they are safe, yet powerful and kill over 99.9% of all germs and viruses. They are vegan, organic, pet friendly and Peta approved and made in the UK.

I tried out the Squeeky organic multi-purpose spray (gifted) which comes in a tough, reusable aluminium bottle. This can be refilled using concentrated product in small bottles which contain enough to fill up your Life bottle twice- just add water.

Squeeky multi purpose cleaner

I used it without wearing gloves to clean my kitchen and bathroom and enjoyed the fresh scent. I was more than happy with the cleaning power which certainly matched my previous chemical cleaner. The aroma is quite strong at first but doesn't catch your throat like chemical products. It soon fades away along with grime and grease. My hands didn't even dry out, never mind react to the product.

I am normally reluctant to use cleaning products to refresh my son's lunchbox which usually come home adorned with fromage frais and apple juice. I was more than happy to give it a spray and wipe down with the Squeeky organic multi purpose spray. I figure if it's pet friendly it's also small boy friendly.

Now this might sound a bit tragic but I was particularly pleased with the spray action which was strong with no dripping. If I had any feedback to Squeeky it would be suggestion that they sell different colour spray units or sleeves for the bottles so if you buy more than one (or the whole range) identifying the right bottle for the job quickly would be easier.

Squeeky cleaners have a range of products to make all areas of the home and garden super clean. One of their most popular products is the Organic Limescale Remover Life Bottle Bundle which they claim brings a super clean shine to bathrooms and kitchens, even to the most toughest stains. The bundle includes a reusable UK aluminium life bottle and refills for just £14.99. 

For more information visit Squeekyshop.co.uk