Post Lockdown Life - Better or Worse?

In the midst of lockdown I tried to look on the bright side and list the benefits of being largely housebound in a small village. Now many restrictions are at least partially lifted I am trying hard to hold onto the positive aspects of life and not let myself be drawn back into the stuff from BC (Before Covid) which I now realise was exhausting at best and toxic at worst.

madmumof7 wearing COVID-19 mask

I like being able to meet up with friends, go to (socially distanced) dinner in a pub or restaurant and go shopping, even with the masks, barriers, hand sanitising and track and trace chores involved. 

madmumof7 behind socially distanced barrier with friends in pub

As an aside, I took my daughter into our local town to buy desperately needed new jeans and was amused as she seems to have developed a hand sanitiser ranking system. We reckon M&S has the best hand sanitiser with a great smell. It does lose points for being quite runny but it's better than many shops where the pump over dispenses and you end up with wet, stinging hands which smell like cheap toilet cleaner.

We actually have our own little bottles with carabiner clips attaching them to our belt loops or bags but often there's a guard shop employee acting as the sanitiser police so it seems only polite to use theirs.

And many shops have one way systems marked on the floor which makes a visit more like a challenge. "Solve the mystery of the maze and win access to the sock department!"

Aaaaand back to the point. Post lockdown life.

I realised I was doing too much, spreading myself too thin and not spending enough time and energy on myself. Just typing this sounds selfish but with a chronic fatigue/pain condition and a large family I was literally making myself ill as I never felt able to say no to anyone or anything.

I am being much more discerning about what I do with my time and who I spend it with. I have dropped a couple of volunteering commitments and plan to drop a few more when I get to the date when I have to choose to renew the commitment or step down.

I am continuing to try to live my life in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way with products being delivered on subscription, even though I now have access to shops selling products that may be slightly cheaper.

My home is cleaner and tidier, I feel calmer and happier and have enjoyed the additional family time.

We recently heard (thankfully) that my furloughed eldest son's job is not at risk and that my daughter's university course will be resuming on campus so they will soon go back to their lives. I will miss them but see 2020 as the gift that gave me precious months to spend time with them and my other children.

Pub table with madmumof7 & family

I find I'm less keen to dash about. I used to be happy to pop to the supermarket but am now more likely to go without or wait until my husband can pick things up after work. I used to book lots of appointments into one day but found it sent my stress levels sky-high. I used to be unable to say no to people but I'm getting better at it and do you know what? Mostly people don't seem to mind.

So on balance, even with the restrictions and the threat of a second wave, and the uncertainty about travel and schools I'd say my life is still slightly better than before lockdown. 

How about you?