Back to Normal(ish)

 Well this is weird while at the same time not weird. It's Monday morning. I've done the school run, tidied the kitchen and sat myself down with my laptop. My son has gone to work as normal. The house is quiet after the hectic breakfast service. Nothing odd there you might think - it's what I've done most term-time weekdays for the last seven years.

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But since we went into lockdown and the schools closed my routine went out of the window, the dining table was quickly taken over by laptops and school books and I became amateur school teacher, cafe owner and entertainments officer all in one stressed pyjama wearing bundle.

Today is not quite a return to the old ways. Yes, youngest son is physically at school, albeit only for half a day, after which he does three days of schooling at home then returns to the school building on Friday.

The others have a mix of in and out of school this week with work on Google classroom when they are home.

Next Monday will be even more "normal" than today as all of my school age children will be back in school and my daughter will be back at university.

A bit of me is glad to have some peace and quiet, to be able to just make one sandwich for lunch and to be able to watch what I want on tv.

But the rest of me misses the hustle and bustle of the family at home, especially with my older children here too. It feels like a precious gift, all that time with my children. 

Now for a cup of coffee (without having to make a round) and some "me" time before the teatime chaos.