Cut Down on Colds with ColdZyme®

My husband is so happy to have been told recently a surgery he's been waiting for which was postponed due to coronavirus is back on and, everything willing, will go ahead in a couple of weeks. In the meantime he is desperate to stay healthy as even a minor cold could put his operation at risk.

Luckily I've been invited to trial ColdZyme®, which is designed to help protect against a cold before the virus is able to take hold. (AD)

ColdZyme box

The over the counter mouth spray works by forming a fast acting protective barrier on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat (where cold germs first take hold and multiply), making it more difficult for the cold virus to cause illness. 

It is the first cold protective treatment to contain the enzyme Trypsin, found in arctic deep-sea cod. Trypsin becomes highly active when it reaches to temperatures above 37 degrees (the temperature on the oral cavity), and can help protect against, or can shorten the duration of a cold if used an early stage, by acting on the virus itself ( deactivating the viruses ability to multiply in the throat and oral cavity) instead of just helping to relieve the symptoms.

ⓇⓇⓇⓇⓇⓇColdZyme spray bottle

Taking ColdZyme® at the early stages of a cold, which is usually transmitted by touch and transferred through the nose and mouth, is clinically documented to help prevent the cold from developing fully. 

ColdZyme® can also help reduce the symptoms of a cold such as the sore throats from developing. ColdZyme is clinically documented to help shorten the length and severity of a cold, so it can help you recover more quickly. 

My husband used it at the first sign of a sore throat and sniffle and it does seem to have sent the developing cold packing. It's certainly given him some peace of mind as he is desperate for the operation which should finally give him some pain relief.

The spray is suitable for adults and children from 4 years+. One bottle of ColdZyme® 20ml is enough to treat three common cold episodes. 

ColdZyme® is available from Amazon, independent pharmacies and Boots stores nationwide.