DAT Tech BIGFUN BF-430A1 Kid's Piano Keyboard Review

 Let's face it, winter holiday events are going to be a little trickier this year and I'll confess I've already started ordering gift for Christmas to try and avoid the inevitable rush which I reckon will start earlier and be busier than ever before. If you have a musical child in your life you could start your shopping with this very reasonably priced educational BIGFUN keyboard.

My children have always enjoyed tinkling on pianos and keyboards but apart from an online screen keyboard we have never had anything at home for them.

I bought a DAT Tech BIGFUN piano keyboard from Amazon which I plan to give to my youngest (12) for Christmas. It's aimed at children aged 3 years upwards but I imagine even my teens will have some fun playing it.

DAT tech BIGFUN keyboard

Here are some of the keyboard's features:

  • 37 keys
  • 8 tones
  • 8 rhythms
  • 6 demo tunes
  • animal sound effects
  • record and play your own tunes
The keyboard uses three AA batteries or you can plug it in using the supplied USB cable. There's a cute little microphone which nestles in its own cubby underneath the keyboard when not in use. All of the functions are clearly labelled and the keyboard feels really lovely when you are playing.

Sound quality? Well this retails for just over £20 and is sold as a kid's toy so it isn't concert standard obviously but pick the right tone and it's fine. It's very portable so you can easily carry it around and I was impressed by the quality of the build considering the price.

Want to see it in action? Check out my YouTube review of this fab little keyboard.