Spring-free Trampolines - Are They Really the Safest Trampoline?

Children love to have fun at any chance they can get. Take them anywhere and the majority of the time they will enjoy themselves, through various activities such as jumping, throwing the ball, playing with their toys, and bouncing off of things. It’s in their nature and one should encourage it where appropriate as it helps with their development. One would rather have an active child than a lazy one. 

child bouncing on trampoline

Having said that, one of the ways to encourage this in a safe and controlled environment is to purchase something that will give them that joy, while still being in the vicinity and safety of their homes and near their parents. In the past couple of years, the concept of “trampoline parks” has become quite popular, so even though people may not have the space for it in their homes, they can visit these places with their children and still get to enjoy its offerings. Click here to read about this concept further. 

Having said that, there is the factor that one must consider, about the safety and quality of these. Especially when purchasing one for the home, you need to do some homework beforehand, to make sure it's not only the right fit for the space available but also the right qualities. One such quality is safety. So, let’s look at this a bit more.


The Safety Factor of Trampolines

Bouncing repeatedly on a trampoline is fun, but can also be a risky affair if not done right. There are plenty of different options of these units one can invest in however before you walk into that store or click on that “buy now” button, perhaps it’s best to consider the option that will be a lot safer for the children, and adults, in the long run. 

In the US alone, almost 100,000 kids are sent to the treatment rooms of hospitals due to an injury caused by a trampoline, news of which can be read online here https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7610297/Number-children-injured-trampolines-spiked-4-decade.html, so if you don’t want yours to be part of this group, we would suggest getting one with two key aspects:

1.     Get one with a net around it

2.     Get a spring free one

One of the best activities to do when at home, and not able to visit any parks or recreational areas, is this one. It will not only increase blood circulation in the body but will also help with cardiovascular health, and one can spend less time on these and get more of a workout than when they go to the gym and spend hours on a treadmill. 

children on trampolines

A Trampoline with A Net Around It

This is possibly one of the safest things manufacturers have decided to install along with these kits, for kids. These are a much safer alternative to the original, traditional designs that the majority of everyone has seen or owns. The net keeps people from falling out of the mat and hitting themselves on the ground, so anytime you bounce and fall, you will still stay inside the vicinity of the mat. 


A Spring Free Trampoline

A spring free one is much safer than any other models of trampolines. Besides the fact that they have no springs, they also don’t have any hard frames around them, which means you won’t get your foot stuck or your hand, or hit your head on anything hard. 

One of the best ways to de-stress when working from home is to bounce on these things. You will feel fresh as a rainbow in no time. They also help with low-impact exercises because of the materials they are made from, for instance, the mat is shock-absorbing which means there is minimal impact on the body and the bones and especially when you fall. Sometimes jumping too much can put a strain on the knees or ankles, so with this, you will be avoiding these types of injuries. 


Few Things to Look for In a Spring Free Option

There are a few things to look at when opting for these Springfree trampolines types, to ensure it lives up to its name of safety. The shape would be one, for instance, they come in a few different ones from oval to round and even square or rectangle. Secondly, the size will matter depending on the space available in your garden or patio. Some of them come with a basketball hoop, you may want to consider this for some extra fun. 

So, it’s safe to say (excuse the pun) that these are the safety options on the market. The safety aspects should include, the net, as mentioned previously, the mat or jumping surface, the weight limit, design, and the quality of the materials used. All should tick the boxes, and then you and your kids will be happy campers very soon with their new plaything!