Super Foods That Make Athletes Favorites to Win Every Time

Pro athletes from all sports are constantly on the lookout for something that will cut their betting odds down to size, making them them the favorite for any event they enter. This can come in many forms, be it a revolutionary new training technique or specially devised tactic. However, sometimes the difference between coming good for the punters who selected their odds, or letting everyone down, can all hinge on whether one athlete had a few too many Mars bars or failed to stay well hydrated.

Here are just some of the superfoods and drinks which are helping pro sportsmen and women attain new levels of performance. Who knows, if it works for them, then maybe it can do the same for you.

healthy eating food with salad

Vegan athletes keep things simple with lots of green leaves, pulses, and fruits

Beans – the Humble Protein Packed Pods of Goodness

There are many top athletes who swear blind that they no longer touch meat or any form of animal product, obtaining the proteins they require from plant-based sources and vegan protein shakes.

Such athletes include the likes of Olympic snowboarder Hannah Tetter and tennis star Venus Williams, whose latest resurgence on the WTA Tour is partially down to her clean and healthy diet.  

One of the keys to any such diet are beans of all varieties. Many are packed with plenty of valuable proteins as well as some helpful carbs. Female soccer star Alex Morgan won a World Cup on a plant-based diet, showing that cutting out the meat in no way affects performance. And it's not just the ladies getting onboard with ditching meat proteins, with big names like Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady also opting for vegan diets, and if Smarket's sports exchanges are anything to go by, both Hamilton and Brady are doing just fine on a diet beefed up only by beans and veg.

sesame tofu

Tofu is a great replacement for many things such as chicken and fish

Dark Chocolate – the Acceptable Treat

Among all this frighteningly healthy sounding food there is some good news for those sporty folk who also happen to have a sweet tooth.

Dark chocolate has been scientifically proven to be rich in everything from magnesium to fiber, as well as anti-inflammatory antioxidants which help calm our muscles after an intensive workout or competitive match. All this makes dark chocolate a particularly good pick-me-up no matter what sort of day you have had.

Spices – Flavorsome and Good for You Too

There is no getting away from the fact that sometimes eating healthily can result in you having to endure some rather bland dishes.

Thankfully herbs and spices can go a long way to rectifying this problem, with many also being rich in antioxidants, meaning they can help you detox your body of toxins, allowing you to turn it into the temple you always dreamed of.