Top Kids Military Products For Sale In 2020

I remember my childhood days playing in our security complex, all the children gathered around for the rules of the game we were about to play as the sun was beginning to settle in for the evening and the weekend of no school dawning slowly upon us. 

girl playing hide and seek

What was great about where we lived was, besides it being similar to that of an enclosed village where you could safely walk around at any time of the day and night, was that between all the neat rows of homes were grass hills and valleys, surrounded with blooming flower beds, and tall grass bushes perfect for a game of ‘war.’

We would split into teams, each going our separate ways with a make-shift home-made flag that the other team was to try to retrieve for the victory. Some of us would have old army attire from our grandfather’s closet or a simple olive green t-shirt we proceeded to color in with black markers, simple yet effective.

Hours were spent running from ‘bunker to bunker,’ the warm evenings ideal for the tasks at hand, and now and then a scream from someone who had been caught could be heard through the walkways. It is one of my fondest memories and one I retell to my children in the hopes they would see that fun is what you make of it, we will see what comes of it.


Today’s day and age.

What I do wish we had though was somewhere that we could nag our parents to go to for us to buy a few pieces or accessories of military gear, unfortunately, we were not as blessed enough to have these fantasy lands of shops that they have today.

If your child is into all things army and wears camouflage day in and day out then a shop filled with every military item and accessory you can think of is going to be their dream come true. 

For a quick browse of products that are readily available be sure to check out the Kids Army toy shop where their imaginations can run free because anyone with children will know that kids’ minds are a fireworks display of possibilities and if it helps them dream big then I am all for it.

Besides, kids walking around in faux bullet-proof vests and dog tags clinking in the wind is like something from a movie scene, these are the memories life is made from.


Choosing toys.

Every parent understands the obsession with colorful, battery-operated, and flashy new toys and products, while we would love to buy them everything this is not possible nor is it healthy. 

A few key pieces are preferable and are more likely to be appreciated, so as the old saying goes, ‘shop less but shop well,’ it was referring to fashion mind you but I apply this mantra to all aspects of my family’s life. This way we don’t overspend on ‘trending’ items that will soon grow out of the craze and then it’s onto the next novelty.

people in camouflage


What is it about this combination of colors that has made it so effective and so appealing around the world, a few simple paint splashes and it has become a worldwide recognizable pattern and immediately associated with battle and protection?

So where did it all originate from? As early as the mid-century artillery units used the pattern as a way to appear ‘invisible’ in battle, air attacks were at large, and remaining unseen from the air meant that they had the upper hand on their opponents and the element of surprise for their attack. 

Using the materials in the various shades and combining these with raw and natural ingredients like shrubbery and mud, they applied these to all army equipment including clothing, rifles, and guns, and eventually to vehicles.

To read more about it and find out some interesting facts click here see how it has expanded and evolved around the globe.


Career paths.

To be military personnel takes a special type of personality, a person that excels in all aspects of bravery, compassion, teamwork, and endurance. We only see a few snippets of what an army officer is required to do or even the process they have endured getting to where they are today. 

As a career opportunity there would be nothing more honorable for your country than representing them in some military form, it may be on the battlefield, as a medic, or in charge of platoons that head to war. There is much to learn from ‘growing through’ the initiation process (as my husband has mentioned before) that molds you into the best version of yourself.


3 Benefits of a military career.

·      Discipline. This is commented on as the top skill and trait you learn, you may think you are focused and organized, but if you can’t handle it out on the battlefield then you are no good to anyone. Keeping calm under pressure and staying on track for the task is essential and could be the difference between life and death for you and others.

·      Education. You may want to study further but not miss out on the chance to join the army, there is a way to have both, military institutions vary in packages offered but for the most part, they will cover the full tuition fees in exchange for up to 3years of service. This way you get the best of both worlds, win-win. 

There are plenty more reasons to read about here in this article on the advantages of being in the army and why, but if it is your decision and your heart’s desire then you should live your life the way you see fit.

·      Retirement. Serving your country is not over-looked and once you have completed your years you will receive a great severance package to see you comfortably through the rest of your days.


All in all, if heading to the shops to buy a helmet, plastic rifle, and a camo outfit means the child has a goal or an idea for their future, this is a small investment to make for a mountain of rewards at the end of the day.