Sanitise EVERYTHING with Ocean Free

Here we go again. Lockdown 2.0.  I'll admit, in the madmumof7 household we'd got a little sloppy with our anti-covid precautions. Wearing masks too long before washing them, whizzing through the hand-washing and not sanitising anything as thoroughly as we probably should.

madmumof7 wearing mask on Gosport Ferry

Take our mobile phones for instance. Research showed that most smartphones are seven to ten times dirtier than the owner's toilet with teenager's phones being the grimmest. I think my son's iPad is possibly breeding entirely new life forms within the sticky fingerprints on the screen.

It's hardly surprising. I know I'm not alone in taking mine into the bathroom with me for a bit of Candy Crush during, let's say, longer visits. We have them near our face, leave them on tables, worktops, car holders and bathroom fittings in our homes and out and about.

Makes you want to wipe it down with an effective sanitiser right now doesn't it?

Ocean Free disinfectant and sanitiser products

Luckily one company, Ocean Free,  a leading manufacturer of hand sanitiser and disinfectant products has products for all our sanitising needs. (AD)

You can buy direct from the manufacturer to save and ensure fast delivery. All orders received by 2:00pm will be dispatched the same day. The company offers free delivery on orders over £10 (UK mainland only) and there are express delivery and global shipping options available.

I tried the hand sanitiser rub, hand sanitiser gel in a convenient travel-size tube and the antiseptic disinfectant (all gifted) all fragrance free and packaged in no-nonsense containers.

The antiseptic disinfectant and hand sanitiser gel both contain 70% alcohol- the disinfectant contains isopropyl rubbing alcohol while the hand gel contains alcohol denat/ethanol. There's 80% alcohol denat/ethanol in the hand rub which is made to surgical/medical grade standards with a World Health Organisation approved formula. The alcohol denat thing means it contains denatured alcohol which is poisonous so don't try drinking it if you run out of Chardonnay!

All three products are made in the UK and are effective at killing 99.99% bacteria and are also effective against viruses and are yeasticidal.

I got a bit carried away especially with the disinfectant which I used to clean all our gadgets (spray onto a clean cloth or paper towel and wipe) plus our TV remote controls and door handles. You can use it on worktops and other surfaces - just spray and wipe. You don't need to wear gloves to use it.

A little of the hand gel and the rub goes a long way. Neither are not sticky and both evaporate quickly leaving no unpleasant smell. My hands felt soft after using them which is a bonus as I often end up with itchy dry skin after using other sanitisers. 

Ocean free also offer antiseptic hand sprays and fragranced products and also offer a subscription service so you never have to worry about running out. The company will take bulk orders and also will ship globally - check out the website for details.