The Longest Pyjama Day Ever (Tier 4 Life)

 Day three in the Big Brother lockdown  tier four house. Madmumof7 is sniffing her pyjamas to see if they'll do another day, DS has broken records for how long one small boy can play Geometry Dash and the older children seem to have gone into actual hibernation.

madmumof7 pyjama legs and tv remote controls

MadDadof7 returns from working nights in a supermarket to tell tales of shoppers appearing in their droves before first light to snatch up lettuces and lemons threatened by what the red tops are now calling "the mutant virus" and the dastardly French. 

I mean, how or why would you stockpile lettuce? You can't freeze it or store it for long and who would want to anyway? Personally I am stockpiling mince pies which you can either freeze or snarf until the waistband of your slightly stinky pj bottoms stretch to their max.

As to the Geometry Dash marathon I am consoling myself with the fact that he is in fact creating levels not just playing them and the word "geometry" is in the title of the game so it must be educational right?

He has at least learned to spell the word "geometry."

boy playing Geometry Dash on laptop

Meanwhile I have watched some truly terrible Christmas movies and am partway through yet another crochet blanket. FYI take a peek at Dolly Parton's "Christmas in the Square" which had us open mouthed with disbelief at how truly terrible it was within a few minutes. Dolly-what were you thinking? And this from someone who loves The Santa Clause.

Today my plan is to shower, change into new, even looser pyjamas and watch more crap TV. There *may* be some mince pie consumption. Small boy is already playing Geometry Dash and I have no intention of waking the hibernating bears, I mean teens, as the peace and quiet is precious. Much as I enjoy fake laughing at the latest "hilarious" memes it's nice to not have to pretend to understand any of the jokes.

On the up side my house is clean and tidy and there's no home school to supervise. And shhhh! Don't tell anyone but I have lettuce! Although I am considering auctioning it on eBay as I really need a new car. Any bids?