The Spark in Your Garden: 8 Amazing Plants to Grow in a Tropical Atmosphere

People may not be able to travel around the world for vacations and adventures right now, but they can bring a little of the tropics to their homes with potted tropical plants. These plants can be grown indoors in the cold months and brought outdoors during warm summers. They have large patterned or variegated leaves and some of them have stunning flowers. Take good care of them and enjoy a bit of the tropics every day throughout the year.

Photo by Amelie & Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash

Can Hawaiian Plants Grow Anywhere?

These plants can grow inside the house in any climate as long as the interior conditions are correct. The key is to order these plants from the right source in Kanoa Hawaii. They can be ordered in several forms including cuttings and plant starters. In USDA zones 10 through 12, the plants can be grown out of doors. All of the plants come with planting and growing instructions.

Like any plant, Hawaiian plants must have a normal amount of attention and care, such as watering, placement in the correct amount of sun, and plant food as needed.

8 Tropical Plants To Try

There are 8 tropical plants that do especially well as house plants or as garden plants in warm climate zones 10 through 12.

1. The Hawaiian Ti plant has green or red leaf varieties. The leaves are large and attractive.

2. Plumeria is a patio tree with brightly colored flowers and is easy to grow.

3. Passion flowers are dramatic and stunning vines with beautiful blooms.

4. Jasmine has showy white flowers and long vines that like full sun.

5. Caladium plants are admired for their red, white, and green variegated foliage. The leaves can be up to 18 inches long in a heart or arrowhead shape.

6. Ornamental ginger plants bloom during the summer and have elongated leaves and intricate blooms in a variety of colors.

7. The kentia palm trees are easy to grow indoors and are impressive reminders of tropical vacations.

8. The calla lilies have wide leaves and spiral blooms in reds, yellows, oranges, white, purple, and pink. These plants are cold hardy and could be grown outdoors in zones 8 through 10 or as potted plants indoors.

Cold Hardy Tropical Plants

There are tropical plants that grow in zones as cold as zone 8 in outdoor gardens, greenhouses, or as house plants. They include elephant ears with huge leaves, ornamental ginger, turmeric, several varieties of palm trees, and the hardy banana tree. These plants can grow outside but need a little protection during cold winters.

Tropical flowering plants that grow in zone 8 outdoors include the peace lily, the tiger calathea, the canna lily, caladiums, hibiscus, and brugmansia. They can be grown as annuals or if they are grown in pots that can be moved inside during the winter months.

Photo by Maria Eliz on Unsplash

People who want a touch of the tropics both indoors and outdoors can find hardy versions of tropical plants to grow alone or in groups. Just read the planting and care directions carefully and follow them for healthy, colorful plantings. If the flowering plants and vines are in pots, they can be moved from indoors to outdoors at will and as the temperatures change.

Having potted tropical plants in a screened porch or sunroom could make it a tropical experience without having to travel at all. The plants can be ordered through the mail as cuttings or starts and watched as they grow larger and more mature.