Twixmas (otherwise known as that weird bit between Christmas & New Year)

 I HATE the word Twixmas but it is a useful way of describing those weird few days in between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. For many workers it is a brief return to normality while for the rest of us who don't work or work from home and those who had the foresight and ability to book time off, it's a period of lounging and eating and drinking and socialising with family and friends.

Christmas cookies;Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Well, it used to be that but thanks to a certain little bug with a penchant for jumping from human to human, we have had to mostly cut out the socialising bit.  

Actually this can be a bonus. Our village can be quite hierarchical and there's some relief in not worrying about FOMO - fear of missing out- on the many drinks and dinner parties which usually occur at this time of year.

I miss my friends but I don't miss missing out on events which I know other friends have been invited to. Selfish I know. I'm only human. No more worrying that no-one has invited us to a New Years Eve event and quite a lot of relief at the fact I don't have to dress up and stay up late. My plan is fresh pyjamas, nice food and an early night.

Sadly I'm not convinced that 2021 is going to be drastically different from 2020 and I predict more waves than a Cornish beach ahead so I have no real desire to mark the start of it.

New Year Sign:Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Meanwhile I am enjoying yet more movies with the children and am working my way through a mountain of sweet and savoury treats. I totally missed the fact that today was in fact a Bank Holiday and have no desire to mingle with potentially infected sale shoppers.

Dinner is a seasonal selection of what our family calls "bits." A cold roast chicken, hard boiled eggs, part baked crusty baguettes finished in the oven, salad and bits from Tesco's party range. There's some leftover Christmas pud and brandy cream for dessert.

It feels a little like respite from Tier 4 here. Yes we are staying in but that is quite normal for us at this time of year so it doesn't feel quite so restrictive. I'm ignoring the government's statements on return to education as it seems too early to make a decision and I'm not convinced there won't be another Boris U-turn on that matter.

In the meantime I will enjoy the peace, relaxation and chocolates. Happy Twixmas folks.