5 Things That Make Lockdown Bearable

I've lost track of what day it is now and I cannot believe it is STILL January. I'm dreading the electricity bill after being at home with  many laptops the house sending the figures on the meter spinning and yet despite it all I still don't really want to go for a walk. Still not my idea of fun, soz.

Scrabble letters spell January Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Anyway, following an epic Chinese takeaway which cheered me slightly I thought I would list 5 things that make lockdown bearable for me.

  1. Takeaway Wednesday. Dreamed up by the eldest of my children still living here. As part of his contribution to the household he treats the entire family to a takeaway most Wednesdays. I don't have to cook or think about what to cook or pay for the takeaway. 
  2. My bubble. When bubbles were introduced we "bubbled up" with a friend who lives alone with her two children. We go over there at least once a week, eat crisps, watch crap TV and have a laugh. It feels almost normal. Although nobody would describe me or my mate as normal.
  3. My family. From video chats with my eldest son to laughs with my husband and younger children I am thankful that I have created a wonderful big family who make all this bearable. They might eat me out of house and home and seem unable to put plates in the dishwasher (my husband maintains there's a fairy that does it) but they keep me busy and entertained. 
  4. My vintage box o'treats. Bought for me and refilled regularly by my husband I have decided that anything eaten from the magical box o' treats is calorie, fat and sugar free while we are in lockdown.  I mean, Aero's are pretty much air aren't they? And Jaffa Cakes have orange in which is fruit right? Practically one of my five a day. 
vintage biscuit tin
  1. Technology. I've said it before I know but God! What would we do without technology? Tech allows me to speak to my mum in Cyprus face to face, provides access to entertainment and education and brings the High Street to my sofa. From soap to steak there is very little you can't get online now and you can still shop ethically and locally.
Of course there's plenty to dislike (apart from the obvious) about lockdown. I still hate zoom calls, masks which make my specs fall off and steam up, the inevitable disappointment of plans made and cancelled and the prospect of yet another lockdown birthday for my daughter. 

Still, as a friend of mine is fond of saying, "it is what it is" and at least we have Takeaway Wednesday.