Home Learning Trials (Or "Kill Me Now")

 This morning I set an alarm, got dressed, made sure the children all ate a healthy breakfast and encouraged them to abandon the pyjamas which were practically welded to their skin in favour of "proper" clothes. By 8.30am I was already bad tempered and tired.

Their school has said they don't have to wear uniform but has instructed them to wear smart clothes for home learning. Predictably my daughter has a clean smart(ish) top on and pj bottoms. I don't know why I felt the need to change out of my pyjamas loungewear but I felt I should support them. Plus they have to have cameras on for at least part of their school day and I didn't really want to be spotted in the background in my baggy, supersoft two-part set.

So far the day has gone well. My daughter had games for her first lesson and was rejoicing that she doesn't have to endure some brutal sport like hockey out on a Siberian-esque playing field. My GCSE year son has barely been away from his computer trying hard to revise for who knows what kind of assessment so its kind of business as usual for him, only without the pyjamas.

Home School from sofa

The youngest is sitting on the sofa next to me so I can work and assist him. He had English first thing today which was OK as I feel somewhat qualified to support him in that. Next is maths, a whole other kettle of fish and I may have to call on the services (paid no doubt) of my 20-year-old daughter, attending University of Brighton from our house currently. Far fewer parties but the food is better. 

I know if I attempt maths support I will show myself up as I struggled with their primary maths homework which looked harder than my O-level work back when, well, there were O-Levels and dinosaurs roamed the earth.

As for Spanish I am learning along with my son and he is so far doing a lot better than me so one magical day in the future when we are allowed to travel further than the local supermarket he will hopefully be able to assist with translation in Spanish speaking lands otherwise I will have to rely on picture menus to feed myself.

Anyway, I have to keep this short as break time is nearly over and my teaching assistant services are required. I'm going to try very hard not to lose my shit and turn into red-faced shouty mummy. 

Teachers, I salute you. You are amazing. And to other people supporting their home-learning children I wish you all the luck in the world. We are going to need it to get through this without additional grey hairs. My children's school told them to think of a reward to celebrate the end of a school day. I think this is an excellent idea and already have the ice and lemon in ready to add to my own reward.