How Art Can Brighten Your Room And Your Mood

Have you ever looked at a room and found it to be too dark and dull? These aren’t great qualities to have in your home, partly because it can negatively impact your mood.

That’s why, if you ever find a room to be lacking in light and color, you should brighten things up with some art. Not only can a good painting transform your surroundings, but it can also boost your spirits too.

This is how art is able to achieve that.

Photo by Julie Laiymani on Unsplash

Setting The Right Environment

An argument can be made for hanging up any piece of art on the wall. However, if it’s going to look good, you need to consider the surroundings. 

At its best, the painting can create a comfortable environment which naturally makes the room more appealing to be in. Given it’s said that a person’s own environment can affect them in several ways, including influencing their mood, it’s understandable how art can have this impact.

For this to work, though, you typically need to put the art somewhere where it matches the d├ęcor. If the piece looks too out of place, the juxtaposition can have a jarring effect on both you and the room. It needs to go somewhere where the colors or style blend in, although it’s okay if the painting stands out a little. After all, if it’s going to brighten up the room, it still needs to pop.

The Impact Of Color

In a lot of ways, the impact of art all comes down to color. When a work of art incorporates various shades and tones, it naturally makes a room appear brighter, especially if light paints are used. However, it’s not merely the presence of intense and vivid colors that makes art so impactful.

It’s often believed that different colors can influence your mood. For instance, the warmth of yellows and oranges can supposedly make you more energized, while blues are apparently good at helping you to relax. When combined, colors of varying heat and emotional impact can seemingly transform your mood in quite a magical way.

One artist who understands this well is Jessica Hendrickx, as you can see from her variety of colorful paintings. She specializes in abstract art which combines multiple colors – some light, others dark – to create a powerful mood. If you were to hang up a colorful painting like Graphic Contemporary Painting – Time Traveler or Happy Modern Painting – Hush Little Baby in a room, they would both light up the space and lift your spirits.

Abstract art by Jessica Hendrickx

A Job Well Done

Sometimes, art is best able to brighten a room and boost your mood when it’s made with your own two hands. There’s plenty of mental benefits that come from creating something yourself, with several studies seeming to support that notion.

Obviously, your first attempt may not be your proudest achievement, and a false start like this could hinder your desire to try again. However, if you keep at it, you’re bound to make a work of art that you’re proud of. 

Once you do, you can put that up and be reminded of your accomplishments every time you enter the room. That will naturally fill you with a burst of joy and make the surroundings appear brighter and happier.

Even if you’re not the most artistically-minded person, a few paintings in your home could work wonders for you and your living space. You won’t know for sure until you try.