Is There Any Point in Getting Dressed?

I am right on trend with my outfits at the moment, if those duck-faced over-tanned Insta-influencers are a guide. I am rocking "loungewear" which is a coy way of describing fancy pyjamas or joggers and a sweatshirt nowadays. I mean, I don't look like this elegant creature 👇but I'm as comfy as she looks.

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

Loungewear is AWESOME. Like the best LBD (little black dress for those of you who were born post LBD days) good loungewear is versatile. 

When I wrote a women's interest page back in the late 80's /early 90's, I used to give guidance on dressing up your LBD with colourful scarfs and a contrast jacket (probably with shoulder pads) and flat ballerinas for the office then swap into statement jewellery and heels for post-work drinks at the local wine bar.

Nowadays I would probably recommend teaming your loungewear with slippers or sliders for evening wear, soft socks for nightwear and adding earrings and a touch of mascara for daywear. Maybe consider brushing your hair and teeth although this is optional.

I am at least nowadays changing my loungewear more regularly than in the early days of lockdown. I managed to get another set comprising super soft snuggly trousers and top thanks to the joy of online shopping and since neither set is particularly PJ-like they have proved to be the perfect 24-hour a day clothing for Lockdown 2021. Sometimes I even put a bra on if I'm expecting a parcel delivery or if I actually have to leave the house.

Yesterday I was going out-out to stock up on frozen food for the teens who have reverted to their babyhood feeding schedule of every four hours. Sadly an entirely milk-based diet doesn't cut it any more - they demand solids.

I decided to not only wear actual clothes but I even ironed them. For a while it gave me a bit of a boost. I even put product in my hair and put a little makeup on. Soon however the mascara was making my eyes itch, my hair felt sticky and the waistband dug in even though I have actually lost weight during lockdown since I'm not doing restaurant and cocktail bar reviews nowadays!

After my shopping trip I couldn't wait to get home and throw on my latest purchase from M&S which is fundamentally a blanket with a zip up the front and arms. Imagine if you will a long dressing gown made from one of those chunky fleece bed throws. It has a high collar which zips up to my chin and is possibly the snuggliest thing I have ever owned. My husband strokes it every time he walks past me. The cat is disgruntled thinking I'm trying to steal his act.

madmumof7 in loungewear

Today I'm not expecting parcels and have no plans to go outside any further than the bins so I'm wearing this with "loungewear" underneath so I can adjust my temperature by raising and lowering the zip. I did brush my hair but it has no product in so it's a bit flyaway. I carefully matched my earrings to my outfit but you can't see them in this pic.

As days and weeks go by I care less and less about how I dress so I'm wondering if it's only a matter of time before I go out in it. I reckon it would pass as a long teddy bear coat.

Some people claim getting dressed helps their mental health and if putting a full face of makeup on and wearing skinny jeans helps you get through this then great. But for me unstructured soft clothing makes me feel relaxed and nurtured so for the foreseeable future I will mostly be living in my loungewear like all the best influencers. I have no plans to fly to Dubai though.....

DISCLAIMER: The model in the first pic may not be an influencer or have been to Dubai. I found the image on the free photo sharing site UNSPLASH and she just looks good in loungewear. Also, I am not being paid or rewarded by M&S for mentioning their fleece zip through gown. I bought it with my own actually money.