Reluctantly Back to School

 Like many other parents I have school age children at home and I had a funny moment the other day which took me right back to my own schooldays- and not in a good way. Excuse the terrible photo of me when I was back at school - it was taken a very long time ago!

madmumof7 as schoolgirl

I have been working alongside my youngest son who is currently year 7 and requires a fair amount of support and motivation. He has no problems academically but he can lose focus quite easily. I can't say I am surprised and I have a lot of sympathy but his school is quite strict and the work has to be done.

I start every morning checking his timetable and last week I had a real flashback moment when I heard myself groan:"Urgh - double geography!"

Yep people. I'm back to the days of rating my days according to the subjects I have  my son has. And geography was not my favourite. Oddly most of my children seem to have a love and a talent for the subject so actually it's not so bad now I'm not being graded.

Worst days? Just like when I was a teenager - double maths. Urgh!