Inspire with STEM kits for Home School or Holiday Fun

 If you are about ready to have a cup of tea in peace or want to give your child a break from the screens why not check out the wide selection of fun kits for a wide range of ages offering science-based education and entertainment in a box from .

I'm A Genius First Class Chemistry £17.99 50 experiments to introduce children to the world of chemistry and the Periodic Table, 8+.  I'm Genius Human Body £12.99 50 Realistic model of a human skeleton. Includes two diagrams charting muscle and bone structures and cards detailing the major organs 8+.  I'm A Genius Space Gravity £19.99 Discover the science behind gravity. Create marble runs and other experiments using the theory of gravity. chemistry set

I'm A Genius Botanical Laboratory £17.99 Miniature greenhouse kit includes fully functioning greenhouse with innovative watering system and everything budding green fingers need can to for their plants.  18+ Fun Electronic Experiments £27.99 Learn all about electric current and how it powers different devices. 8+. Hi Tech Science Stem Technics 10 In 1 LED Tractor £19.99 Build 10 different tractors featuring LEDs. stem set

I’m A Genius Lipstick Laboratory £17.99 Create your very own range of lipsticks just like the big make-up companies 8+. Bijoux Designer £14.99 All you need to create Barbie-themed jewellery includes easy-to-use loom 5+. Crazy Science Laboratory Fluids and Magnetic Creatures £17.99 Slime and the science of magnets in one brilliant box 8+.

We tried out the Crazy Science Laboratory Fluids and Magnetic Creatures set. 

Crazy Science Laboratory Fluids and Magnetic Creatures

My 12 year old son and his 14 year old sister had great fun creating all kinds of magnetic 
creatures and it was great to realise that the simplest experiments took literally minutes and made no mess at all - perfect for kids who want instant results and parents who don't want to be left clearing up as I'm fairly sure none of us currently facilitating home learning have a handy lab assistant on hand.

Crazy Science Laboratory Fluids and Magnetic Creatures

magnetic experiment

magnetic pet - before
Magnetic pet before magnet applied to iron filings👆
Magnetic pet with magnet applied to iron filings👇

magnetic pet after

They had so much fun and can't wait to move onto more complex experiments with the set. 

*All kits are suitable for ages 7 to 12 unless stated, subject to availability.

Disclaimer: I received the Crazy Science Laboratory Fluids and Magnetic Creatures free for the purpose of writing this honest review.