Modibodi™ - Period, Pee & Perspiration-proof underwear #review

When I was a teen sanitary products were still quite archaic. I dread to think of the pile of plastic still piled somewhere from all of the applicators which came with the tampons I used for decades despite finding them incredibly uncomfortable. I was in my 40's and already into my peri-menopause years when I switched to a much more eco-friendly and comfortable menstrual cup.

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As a mum to two daughters I wanted to help them choose an effective and more eco-friendly system for their periods and thankfully there is a lot more choice than when I was young. From unbleached disposables made with organic cotton or recycled materials to wash and wear again products.

We've had some success with reusable fabric sanitary pads which come in a variety of lengths and sizes, with or without wings, in cool and quirky designs.

The girls report they are great with leggings, jeans or tight trousers but even with fasteners can move about. They can be particularly prone to moving about at night. Obviously no young woman wants embarrassing leaks.

Then we heard about Australian underwear brand Modibodi™ which is now available in the UK, combining gorgeous and comfortable underwear with incredible technology to offer period, pee and perspiration proof underwear and swimwear for all women, of all shapes and sizes.

Modibodi sensual range

 Founder and CEO Kristy Chong has spent many years working with top Aussie lingerie designers and developing her special and exclusive patented technologies that make up the way the underwear works, including the patented Modifier Technology™ and the patent pending Modifier Swim Technology, to bring women all over the globe a range of leak-proof, lightweight and stylish underwear. 

The UK website features a range of 16 different underwear and swimwear pieces, each with different benefits; including the active underwear- ideal for gym bunnies and those that work out and maternity undies - perfect for new mums. With a range of styles including seamfree, high waisted and thongs, there is something for everybody. 
According to CEO and Founder, Kristy Chong “Modibodi™ gives women the freedom to live life in a fearless, sustainable and fashionable way. From periods, to discharge, to light bladder leakage and even mummy breast milk leaks, my aim was to make underwear and swimwear that was fashionable but utilised technology to offer protection and a more sustainable choice.”
The clever and exclusive Modifier Technology™ featured in the flagship Modibodi period and pee-proof underwear features a three-layer component; the top layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops odors, a middle layer quickly absorbs fluid and locks it away (up to 20 mls absorbency) and the third bottom layer gives you extra leak-proof protection, ensuring you are at your most secure and confident, with no leaking through to clothes, which means total freedom.
As a fashion tech entrepreneur and social advocate, Kristy was inspired to develop, design and create Modibodi™ after her second child due to her own experience with pelvic floor issues. Kristy noted that despite modern advancements our underwear has remained the same.
“In a world where technology has improved women’s day to day lives from sleep through to exercise, I felt it was high time that our underwear took on the same route,” said Kristy
The Modibodi™ collection is a whole new solution to everyday life, from menstrual flow to incontinence, for day-to-day, swimming or when working out, all in a fashionable, sustainable and reusable way, reducing the amount of single-use products that end up in UK landfills. Modibodi™ products go beyond comfort and style, their mission goes beyond fashion - to empower women, to give women freedom and confidence and to give women choice. 

My daughter has been very impressed with the practicality of Modibodi™ and says they are comfortable even at night. because the protection is built in and the underwear is close fitting there's not worries about moving pads or leakage. 

She tried a high waisted short style which I'll confess don't look massively elegant in my picture but she says they look good on and feel great.

Modibodi period underwear

Modibodi period pants

The underwear comes in enough styles to please anyone -bikini, French cut, brief and full brief.  There's even a thong version! There's a vegan range, seam-free and a pretty "sensual" range which I particularly love.

Modibodi thong

Recently Modibodi® launched its popular 24-hour absorbency in a comfy sleep short style for UK women.


Backed by science, the Maxi-24Hrs Sleep Shorts are proven to hold up to 50ml of liquid (that’s around a mega 10 tampons worth), offering overnight protection and peace of mind for those with very heavy periods, frequent bladder leaks or those who just want to sleep soundly without period/leak worries.


In Modibodi’s most absorbent style yet, the Sleep Shorts feature a highly breathable super slim (6mm), and extremely absorbent lining. The lining is stain and bacteria fighting, so you can wake up leak and odour free. Designed with comfort in mind, the Sleep Shorts move with your body, so as you move naturally throughout the night you will be comfy and leak free, ensuring you can have a great night’s sleep.   

The full range can be found at with prices

Disclaimer: We retrieved two paris of Modibodi underwear free for the purpose of this honest review.