Springtime Crafty Fun for All Ages

Craft knows no age limit and although you might think crafts sets are aimed at children there are lots which would appeal to all ages. Maybe you could enjoy a bonding moment with the young craft lover in your life and make something together.

origami butterfly

Check out this amazing crafty collection from toysandbears.com which are particularly perfect as spring is on its way.

Pressed Flower Art £13.99 Recycle fallen flowers and leaves. Preserve the beauty of nature in with this pressed flower craft set. Includes items for making ornamental boxes, greeting cards and bookmarks. Suitable for 5+. 

Life Cycle Wheel £16.99 How does an organism grow? Experience the changes animals and plants undergo stage-by-stage. Suitable for 4+. Grow-A-Maze £15.99 Plant a bean in the soil and watch it grow and find its way through the maze. Observe the root development inside the soil chamber and water base pot. Suitable for 8+.

Quilling Collectibles Mini Flowers £9.99 Design, create and enjoy beautiful quilled potted plants. Learn the art of coiling paper with a quilling tool. Includes 5 colourful flowers in pots. Suitable for 6+. 

Glitter Pots 'N' Paints £24.99 Best Seller! Design, paint and decorate terracotta flowerpots, then plant a mini garden. Includes all you need to decorate 5 mini flowerpots. Suitable for 8+. Pressed Flower Fairy £‎15.99 Collect flowers and leaves from your garden and press them. Design beautiful dresses for 6 fairies and make them into decorations. Suitable for 8+.  

Origami room lights

Origami Room Lights £14.99 Create a string of origami butterflies, birds and flowers. Suitable for 5+, requires adult supervision. Secret Garden Fingerprint Friends £12.99 Make marvellous garden creatures, trees and plants using the ink stamps and pencils in this set! Contains 29 pieces. Suitable for 4+. 

Origami Flower Lights £15.99 Light up the origami flowers with 10 colour changing LEDs. Suitable for 5+ requires adult supervision.
My 14-year-old daughter is having her room redecorated and while her dad strips wallpaper, sands and paints she is busy making the Origami room lights to decorate her new-look room when it's finished.

origami fairy lights kit

The set contains everything you need to make the lights, including the lights! There's a "how to" guide to origami and she has really enjoyed making the little shades to fit round the lights.

Origami light shades collage

She is quite patient and meticulous and only had trouble with one of the shapes but managed it in the end. If your little craftsperson is young or lacks patience this might be a set to work on together. It would also make a great gift for a student or anyone of any age (like me) who loves fairy lights. Maybe think about buying one of these lovely sets as an alternative to chocolate this Easter? 

Disclaimer: We received an Origami Room Lights set free for the purpose of this honest review.