The Blink of an Eye

 So the of anniversary the first Coronavirus lockdown has just passed and as memories start popping up on Facebook it has really rammed home the message that life really can change in the blink of an eye.

This day five years ago for instance I went out with a gang of friends for a "Pie and Prosecco night" at a local restaurant. Today not only is that type of outing illegal but sadly the restaurant has closed its doors for good. 


Seven years ago I was enjoying a food tour of the East End to write a review. I haven't been into London for months and have let my usually much-used travel pass lapse.

These are really minor inconveniences- much worse is that like many people I know what it's like to lose someone much loved in the blink of an eye, unexpectedly. I know how devastating any deaths are but somehow the sudden unexpected deaths seem to hurt more.

Family dynamics have changed in the past year too with some lovely new "plus ones" added to our immediate family. Lots of other changes behind the scenes but not for publication here!

The way I work has changed, the children's education has obviously been very different to how it should have been and our social life looks very different once the option for dinner parties, barbecues and just casually meeting for a glass of wine were taken out of the equation.

We were lucky to be able to bubble with a friend who is a single parent - we have had a better social life than many. But still I am very much looking forward to the meet-ups I have planned in the next few weeks now the rule of 6 has been introduced and have everything from flip-slops to ski-wear ready to enable outdoor events.

However even though I am now allowed you still won't find me taking advantage of the ability to play sports outside.😀