TheWiSpy Best Parental Control App – Review 2021

Explore the great parental control app features of TheWiSpy. Remotely & secretly discover what is happening in your kid’s mobile devices with TheWiSpy app.


Due to the growing number of Android users and increased demand for cell phone spy apps, Parental Control apps are getting quite popular.

Let’s review one of the leading Android spyware TheWiSpy and see what amazing features it offers.

TheWiSpy – An Overview:


TheWiSpy is an Parental Control app that allows you to spy on all the digital activities of your target Android device. For parents who worry about the security of their kids, TheWiSpy is an ultimate solution to track and monitor online as well as offline activities of teens and tweens. 


Here is how TheWiSpy Android monitor works:

Once installed, TheWiSpy starts functioning in the background of the target device and fetch all the data by interacting with the other apps. TheWiSpy records and uploads the mobile activities on a web-based dashboard which you can remotely access via any browser. The remote access of target device helps parents to monitor Android phones of teens.

The Parenting Solutions Offered by TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy being the best parental control app offers advanced monitoring solutions which enables you to;

  • Spy on Android Devices
  • Track Android Phones
  • Monitor Your Teen’s Android Phone or Tablet
  • Control Android Phones & Tablets of Kids

We must say that with that much advanced Android spy solutions, TheWiSpy will take all your worries by enabling you to discover the online and offline space of your teens.

Reasons Why People Use TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy parental control is a power-packed tool to track, monitor, manage, and control your kid’s Android phones and tablets. With such extensive spying options, TheWiSpy leads among top mobile monitoring competitor tools.

Let’s take a look at why people use TheWiSpy Android spyware:

·       For Kids Monitoring:

Parents prefer TheWiSpy Android monitor to keep eyes on their children in their physical absence. By installing TheWiSpy Android spy app, parents can easily track the location and spy on the digital activities of their teens and tweens without much effort.

·       For Employee Surveillance:

For enterprises, TheWiSpy is the ultimate solution to track the performance and loyalty of employees. Companies install Android monitors in the work phones and tablets so that the managers can trace every activity of the staff members.

·       For Personal Use:

TheWiSpy records and uploads the mobile or tablet data on a web-based dashboard which makes it more useful to backup personal information. TheWiSpy helps to locate stolen devices and retain backup files so that your data remains safe all the time.


Quality Features of TheWiSpy:

Now, let’s discover the main features of TheWiSpy that make it the best spying software in 2021.

  • Call Recording
  • Text Message Spying
  • Location Tracking
  • Online Activity Surveillance
  • Remote Controls

Here is what each Parental Control feature offers:

Call Recording:

TheWiSpy call recording allows you to listen to all the inbound and outbound calls of your target Android phone. You can listen to all the telephonic conversation remotely from the online dashboard. TheWiSpy call recorder uploads recorded audio files of incoming and outgoing calls, and enable you to listen to the secret conversations of your child.

Text Message Spying:

Reading text messages of Android phones has become a piece of cake with TheWiSpy. You can read the SMS messages as well as text conversations of instant messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. with TheWiSpy app. 

Location Tracking:

TheWiSpy enables you to locate the Android devices of your kids without getting into suspicion. You can remotely track the location history with live pinpoints and discover where your loved ones are. Amazingly, TheWiSpy location tracking helps you locate your misplaced or stolen device. So, whether it is for parental, corporate, or personal use, TheWiSpy GPS locator is your saviour.

Online Activity Surveillance:

TheWiSpy is one of the best Android monitors that offer online activity surveillance. You can track browsing history and app usage of your target phone or tablet secretly and remotely. Also, TheWiSpy enables you to view the social media activities of your kid’s device anytime you want.

Remote Controls:

You can not only access your kid’s Android device remotely but also control and manage it with TheWiSpy remote controls. This app allows you to send remote commands with the help of an online dashboard and enables you to block apps, games, webs, etc. Also, you can turn the device on and off and manage the screen usage of kids.

So, those were the features of TheWiSpy, let’s dig more and see what benefits you’ll get by using this app.

Benefits of TheWiSpy:

You must be wondering what makes a mobile spy app great?

Well, it not only features that make a great app, but other components impact the app quality.

Here are some of the beneficial facts about TheWiSpy Android phone tracking app:

  • All in one Android spying solution
  • Strongly compatible with diver range of Android OS
  • Easy to use
  • Fast installation
  • Guaranteed data security
  • Operates in stealth mode
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24/7 technical support

TheWiSpy has a great number of happy customers around the globe. The app helps parents to explore the digital space of their kid’s Android phone so that you won’t miss anything happening in the lives of kid’s.

TheWiSpy Pricing Plan:

TheWiSpy Android spyware offers multiple pricing plans so that anyone can afford the app. 

Here is the full detail of TheWiSpy pricing packages:

TheWiSpy Basic Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription = $19.99/month

3-months subscription = $49.99 ($16.66/month)

6-months subscription = $79.99 ($13.33/ month)

·    TheWiSpy Starter Pricing Plan:

15 Days subscription = $9.99

·    TheWiSpy Premiuim Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription = $29.99/month 

3-months subscription = $59.99 ($19.99/month)

6-months subscription = $89.99 ($14.99/month)

Final Words:

TheWiSpy parental control app is a complete tool to monitor and track android phones and tablets. With its quality features and extraordinary benefits, parents around the world prefer this app for kid’s monitoring. Though there are many other spy apps available in the market, the functionality of TheWiSpy is remarkable of all.