Great Reasons to Lease a Vehicle

I am very happy that for once in my life a gamble has paid off. Months ago while browsing the internet somehow I ended up on sites selling UK holidays. A great discounted deal caught my eye for a few days in a lovely spot near Hastings in July.

Hastings Pier UK: Photo by Ben Guerin on Unsplash

The holiday offered the option to pay a temptingly low deposit and there was a promise on the website that if rules prevented us taking up our holiday that we would be refunded in full.

So - accommodation booked and as Boris's roadmap starts unfolding I am feeling reasonably confident that we will be able to head to Hastings in July. I am also feeling a teeny-weeny bit smug as I read about UK holiday destinations booking up fast, and prices inflating faster than a party balloon.

The only thing that worries me is both our cars are frankly ancient. We could think about buying a new car but the other option is leasing.

Leasing vs Buying

  • Choose a brand new car of your choice
  • Change your car at regular intervals so you always have a new or almost new car.
  • Avoid depreciation
  • Tax relief for businesses
Many leasing companies include insurance, road tax (if required) and even maintenance in the contract which means leasing really can be the fuss-free option.

It's a particularly simple way to replace your vehicle in these times when shopping around for a car and going on test drives can be difficult. With a brand new leased car you have the peace of mind knowing that it shouldn't have any issues and if any any chance it does develop a problem you have a point of contact to get it sorted asap.

Using an established professional company and browse makes and models. Check out Leap vehicle leasing deals for some competitive offers which could see you driving the car of your dreams for less money than you might have anticipated.

Electric, hybrid, SUV's and more available on a variety of flexible leasing plans for both personal and business users.
Electric car charging: Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

It seems to me to be quite a good idea to maybe lease one of the new style electric or hybrid cars to find out what type suits you before outlaying a considerable amount of money. Shop by transmission, fuel type, contract length and see what you can expect to pay up front.

Leap Vehicle Leasing has experts on hand to advise you on all of their available vehicles, the leasing process and aftercare and you can even apply for finance through them.

Leasing is different to PCP- you will not own the car or any part of it at the end of the contract but generally costs are lower.

As with any kind of financial commitment make sure you read all of the small print and be totally honest with any application for finance to avoid any issues down the road.