Refresh Your Tiles Quickly and Easily.

 Let me tell you the saga of our bathroom. Decades ago when we were planning our wedding we decided that since we were combining two homes we probably didn't need anymore towels or teacups.

towels:Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Instead of creating a wish list or registering anywhere we decided to ask for vouchers for a well known DIY store with the view to spending them on a brand new bathroom in our shared home.

At the time we were incredibly busy. I was working long hours at a local newspaper and my new husband was travelling Europe crewing for a specialist advertising agency which used hot air balloons as media.

He washing everything from tethering balloons advertising beers at Green outdoor nightclubs to flying mini-hot air balloons called "hoppers" at Moscow's first non-military May Day parade.

We didn't have a lot of time to renovate the bathroom and as the bare bones of it were functional the finishing touches were done incredibly slowly.

And when I say incredibly slow I mean that now, almost 30 years later it's not really 100% finished and now I hate the tiles so much they irritate me every time I go in the room.

Compared to the rest of my home which is quite contemporary the bathroom is dated but the thought of starting from scratch makes my heart sink as we are still very busy people.

Imagine the work chipping off the tiles which cover three walls from floor to ceiling. The mess and the disruption. Could were stuck with pastel floral forever?

I was today old when I found that you can actually buy real solid tiles which literally stick over your old ones. And I'm not talking about the ones in the style of DIY house of horror where people actually tile over tiles using cement and grout. 

These clever Wall Tile Stickers are self adhesive and can be applied over any size tile or smooth non-porous surface. 

You can use them in any room including kitchens and bathrooms or maybe even style up an old table by adding a beautiful tiled top?

Self adhesive wall tiles table makeover

I'll say it again as my husband has asked me three times. YES they are suitable for use in bathrooms. as they are steam, heat and water resistant and you never have to worry about touching up that grout since there won't be any.

self adhesive tiles for bathroom

The idea that pretty much anyone could transform old, faded or outdated tiles quickly and easily is  revolutionary. Maybe you want to flip a house to make some money, maybe you just want a fresh look. Maybe you are keen to create a wet room but can't face all that traditional tiling.

It could be that you have had an extension and can't match tiles from the old bit to the new bit - my friends had this issue with a kitchen extension. Simply choose one of the many varied sizes and designs and cover the old tiles and continue through to the new bit fixing wall tile stickers onto smooth non-porous walls.

The site has a handy tiling calculator to work out how many you need for your space and lots of information about how and where to use them. UK delivery is free.and there's also a specific telephone line for US and Canadian queries.

And finally when the time comes to change your look again the tiles are 100% recyclable. What are you waiting for?