21 Days to becoming More Positive

It's been an odd year and statistics show that mental health issues among all ages have ballooned. I read a report yesterday that said hospitals have seen a sharp increase in children who have been self-harming which is both saddening and worrying.

The Samaritans website says young people, particularly young women have experienced much greater declines in their mental health than others during the pandemic. 

hand on window with raindrops sad:Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

The charity claims that their research shows that young people have spoken of being less able to cope during the pandemic than previously. 

It's no surprise when you realise that many of the ways young people - in fact all people- maintain emotional well-being in the past like contact with peers, having hobbies and being able to access mental health support have all been hit by COVID-19 restrictions. Let's face it not everyone has enjoyed living in close quarters with their family either.

My own children have struggled at times missing their mates and even missed being able to leave the house and go to school. 

My eldest daughter has had to pay for her private accommodation in Brighton where she was supposed to be living the uni student life but was unable to stay there during lockdown. She really missed her freedom and her friends.

A positive attitude and an appreciation of the good things about lockdown and other restrictions helped us get through it relatively unscathed but others were not so lucky.

For anyone looking to shake off negative feelings which might have been exacerbated by the pandemic Ive found a great resource.

The Positive Day Planner is a 21-day gratitude-practicing, affirmation affirming, self-commitment measuring, and mind-dumping essential, that helps you create a more positive habit, one day at a time.

Positive day planner

The Positive Day Planner was established by Leanne Pero, breast cancer survivor and founder of The Leanne Pero Foundation and Black Women Rising, who used positivitiy and journalling to help her after going through cancer. "
I put the Positive Day Planner together after cancer. Writing down what I was grateful for, my hopes and wishes for the future, planning the day ahead really helped settle some of the anxieties. It's a place where you can create your own happiness, because we are in control of that."

The Positive Day Planner is available in 5 different styles, including a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Month Planner, where 40% of profits go to Breast Cancer Charities. 

My youngest daughter (aged 15) was gifted one of the planners to try and as a lover of stationary and bullet journals she found this is a particularly enjoyable and inspirational pastime.

The planner includes lots of imaginative ways to lift the spirit and encourage positivity. One one page alone in my daughter's planner there was a list to complete of "10 things I'm grateful for", a space to write an affirmation of the day, encouragement to think of ways to make the day great, places to record exercise taken and a highlight of the day and even a meal planning space. 

21 day positivity planner

Another page is blank as a mind dumping space - ideal for doodling, 
sketching or writing thoughts, poems and plans.

21 day positivity planner

The Positive Day Planner has also launched a 30-day Mini Gratitude Journal in 2 styles, a Wish Bracelet, and a Rose Quartz Crystal

All products are available at thepositivedayplanner.com from £3.

Disclaimer: We received one 21 day positivity planner free for the purpose of this honest review.