Front Door Ideas

Your front door is the first thing most people see as they approach your house, especially if you dont have a front garden. You can tell a lot about the residents of a house from the front door so take a cold hard look at yours - does it accurately represent you in the way you'd like to be perceived?

front door:Photo by Nazrin B-va on Unsplash

My own front door is actually preloved but I painted the dark wood, replaced the door furniture and now I  love it. It's painted the same colour as our windows and every time I pull onto my driveway I enjoy the overall effect.

I particularly love it at Christmas, adorned every year with a home-made wreath. My wreath making sessions and unveiling are an integral part of the festive season.

Christmas wreath on front door

Theoretically you can have whatever type of front door you like on your property but it's worth taking time to look at the design and period of your home and ask yourself if your preferred style of door will complement the overall look of the house.

I have seen older houses where a very modern front door has been added successfully but generally the door is part of an overall makeover which usually includes windows lighting, and the area in front of the property.

Just bunging on an ultra modern door leaving everything else very traditional might not work so well.

Conversely adding a rustic wooden farmhouse door to a modern property with modern windows might look a little odd.

Think about where you live too. Coastal winds loaded with salt can be brutal with wooden doors and many people in cooler zones like manmade materials for energy efficiency and draught exclusion.

I love Pinterest for planning out both exterior and interior projects and this platform is great for checking out front door ideas.

You can browse styles, colours and by material or era - type in "Victorian front doors" for a great selection for instance.

Not only can you look at doors but you can also get inspiration for dressing your front door or porch area making it look extremely attractive to passers by and visitors.

Some front doors in London are so beautiful you can see a queue of people waiting to 'gram themselves next to them.

You might not want to go that far but it might be nice to have a front door that is so nice you want to share it on your own social media platforms.