Madmum to Madgran- There's a Baby on the Way!

It has been a very odd year, memorable for so many reasons. But amid the fear and facemasks we have had some wonderful family news which I have sat on for a few months but have now been given permission to share.


baby feet:Photo by Manuel Schinner on Unsplash

Anyone who knows me in real life knows this has brought me real joy and I am already ridiculously excited. My children have had to physically drag me away from the baby stuff in shops but I am happily crocheting an extra special blanket.

My eldest son is joking that giving me a grandchild lets him off the hook for the next few birthdays and so on. I have to say as Mother's Day gifts go it was a good one!

I won't be expecting to be needed for much advice - mum-to-be is an experienced nanny and has probably looked after more children than even me.

Now the question is- do I change the name of the blog?