Earn Cash with the Curious Cat Survey App

I'm always on the look out for ways to make a little extra cash so I was intrigued to learn about an app which could help you do just that using spare minutes when you are waiting for the kids to come out of school or your food order to arrive.

I signed up to try the  Curious Cat App, which allows users to easily earn some extra cash to help ease the burden of daily living costs.

Curious cat app- cup and phone showing app

Many people have taken a hit to their income over the past year or so, as well as in increase of time on their hands, so this might be a good way to fill time and earn some pennies.

The app is free to download in 17 countries from Google Play or the App Store.

Completing the sign up process takes about five minutes and  asks questions about family set up, housing situation, work and income.

The reason for these questions is so the app can suggest surveys which you are more likely to be accepted for. It can be frustrating to fill in initial questions for a survey and then be told you aren't eligible.

Unfortunately since my industry is classed as advertising, PR or marketing I get the "not eligible" message quite frequently but that just makes the excitement of being accepted all the more sweet.

I enjoy the many cat images that feature on the app making this a particularly fun survey app to use. Even a rejection feels OK when there's a cat in a box pic to make you smile.

Curious Cat app screen shot

Surveys carry points and points mean prizes. Surveys on my screen range from around 10-84 points and when you reach 100 points (£1) you can cash out via PayPal.

You aren't going to be able to fly first class on the proceeds but if you take time regularly to check out the surveys, maybe while watching mindless TV or waiting for the kids to come out of their swimming class you should be able to add some vital funds to a tight budget or make enough money to indulge in some treats.

Disclaimer: I received a free Curious Cat mug as a thank you for sharing information about the app.