Get Your Madmumof7 Discount on Poncho Towel Robes from Halocline Swimwear

When my children were very small I was always very envious of their cute popover towelling robes which we used on the beach, by the pool on holiday and in the freezing cold changing rooms of our local leisure centre.

Only the other day I was shopping with a friend and we were cooing over the toddler sized robes which our tweens and teens no longer fit into. We commented that we wished they made them in adult sizes, especially since we both are the proud owners of inflatable hot tubs.

Imagine my excitement then when an email dropped into my inbox, inviting me to check out fabulous adult sized poncho style towel robes from Halocline Swimwear. (GIFTED)

madmumof7 modelling Halocline towelling robe poncho

There are so many reasons I need these robes in my life. 

  • We have a number of camping trips planned this year and these poncho robes are perfect for anyone who uses campsite showers. Shower, pop the robe on and amble back to your tent or caravan. You could also use them for extra warmth as you enjoy the evening with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate outside your tent.
  • We have a hot tub. Since the first lockdown sales of inflatable and solid hot tubs have gone through the roof. We use ours all year round and these towelling robes will make the dash from tub to house much more pleasant. 
  • I'm a parent. On the beach, at the pool or at the aforementioned campsite showers I am pretty much always the last to get dressed. Finding lost socks, de-sanding toes, packing bags and generally organising the troops is a lot more comfortable in a towelling poncho.
  • We travel overseas frequently (in normal times). My mum lives in Cyprus so we go and see her as often as we can. These robes are perfect for the hot tub, pool and beach sessions we enjoy when we visit.

poncho style towelling robes for adults

I have one each for me and DH but I quickly realised that the robes are very handy for children too - this one was perfect for when my 12-year-old got out of the tub this week.

large poncho style towelling robe

They have proved very popular with the whole family so take my advice and treat everyone so you don't end up wearing a slightly damp one as I did this week after my son had dried himself on it.

If you needed any other reason to get a Halocline robe, remember you can also use them to reserve your sun-bed. I might not be able to reserve a space round a hotel pool in foreign climes but in my own garden I can stake my claim!

Have I convinced you that you too need one (or more) of these robes too?
Claim your 10% discount by clicking HERE or use the code MADMUMOF7 during the checkout process.

large poncho style towelling robe