Random Thoughts from my Over-Heated Brain.

 Yes the title sums up exactly what this is - a few random thoughts from my rather overheated brain. Dont get me wrong, I am not campaigning about the weather. I absolutely LOVE hot weather.

Sunshine through blossom:Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

Driving through my local town it made me smile to observe how Brits blossom in the short days of summer we have. From the UK uniform of jeans, joggers or leggings (I include activewear in that) the pavements and parks and pubs  have exploded with colour as women break out their maxi-dresses and man turn totally tropical with their T-shirts.

I knew it was really hot when my older daughter's BF finally caved and took off his hoody revealing a T-shirt underneath. This is the guy I have seen sleeping under a duvet in a stiflingly hot caravan on a sunny day.

My daughter treated me to a new lacy beach cover up and we have been swanning around in the garden with them over bikinis. My younger daughter declared that the outfits made us look like the kind of women who might kill their husbands by pushing them down the stairs. I do feel a little like I should have a menthol ciggie in a long holder and giant dark glasses to compete the look.

Everything looks better in the sunshine, even my garden which honestly wouldn't win any awards at the Chelsea Flower Show. My inflatable hot tub has miraculously survived yet another winter and although maintaining it can be a chore I still am very glad I invested.

Hot tub with robes hanging on post

Is it just me though? When I spend time in the garden the interior of my house suffers. My kitchen in particular looked horrific after a BBQ with friends on Friday night. Rather tipsy I went to bed and came down in the morning to carnage. I learned my lesson and after last night's al fresco dinner I stayed up a little longer to make sure it was all clear- it was well worth it this morning.

Did you see the news this morning? Rather tucked away actually but I was pleased to see that gay and bisexual men who have had only one sexual partner in the last three months will be allowed to donate blood from Monday.

At the height of the HIV/AID epidemic rules were brought in to ban gay men from donating blood for life.  More recently the rules were relaxed twice to allow men who had not had sex for 12 months, then three months to donate blood. Sexually active guys were still banned even if they were in a monogamous relationship.

In my view this latest news is great news for equality and for the NHS.

Well it's time to get this hot laptop off my lap and head out into the sunshine. I have one top tip for anyone struggling with the temp. Invest in a couple of those pet cooling mats and lie on them. You can buy versions designed for humans (I bought a pillow cooler) but they cost a lot more. 

You don't need to put them in the fridge. The reason I say get two is so when one warms up you can tap it out for the other one. The first one will go cold again and you can keep swapping them out. You're welcome.