Sustainable, Stylish and Super-Absorbent Reusable Nappies from Modibodi

 I am very excited that my first grandchild is on the way- we just found out the gender but not sure I'm allowed to reveal that info just yet! During the first lockdown I took time to examine our way of life and made lots of changes to live a more eco-friendly life and with a new member of the family on the way I am even more keen to preserve our planet for as long as possible. 

I'm not alone in wanting to do this so I was delighted to see that Modibodi one of my favourite brands is now utilising the skills and technology they use producing reusable period underwear and swimwear to create the Modibodi reusable leak-proof nappy that apparently holds over 1 litre of leaks making it perfect for even overnight protection.

Modibodi reusable nappy plus booster liners and nappy bag.

When my babies were little, reusable nappies were mostly traditional flannel with safety pins and plastic pants. Shaped flannel nappies were just starting to make an appearance but the beautiful and much more user-friendly designs you see today were not available. 

I ended up using disposables which I now know take 150+ years to break down and create a colossal amount of plastic, with the average baby needing 6,500 nappy changes before they graduate to undies, which generates one tonne of plastic waste. And I had seven children.

madmumof7's children

Nowadays I am much more mindful about how we live and what products we use.

 Recently my girls made the switch from reusable sanitary pads to the period underwear from Modibodi which they found much more comfortable and reliable. 

When I found out that the company was now producing a cute and practical reusable nappy kit I was curious to see what they were like.

Immediately on opening the bag the nappy kit was delivered in, I was impressed. The nappy was sooooo soft and the outer fabric was a cute "under the sea" design. (The nappies come in three collections featuring four nappies in different colour ways.)

I was blown away by the fact that the nappies are designed to be "one size fits all" with a popper system which allows you to adjust the fit for babies between 5-18kg.  You can add ultra-soft booster liners to increase absorbency and even biodegradable bamboo nappy liners for convenience.

Independently lab tested to be more absorbent than any other reusable modern cloth nappy(find out more here)]with a clever polybrush black lining that repels odour, stains and solids and is soft on delicate baby skin. Just one nappy will offer complete overnight protection, meaning parents can sleep easy knowing their baby is covered.

Modibodi reusable nappy and liner

OK so that all sounds lovely but what about change-time? Simple - just tip (or wipe off) any solids straight into the toilet then rinse the nappies to remove any remaining poop. The liner can go into the regular bin or compost bin. 

Then just chuck the nappies into your regular washing machine using your usual detergent (no fabric conditioner as that affects absorbency). You can use a prewash programme if they are very soiled or wash them in a long cycle up to 60 degrees. You can put them in with your clothes if you want to.

They are best line dried but you can tumble dry them gently.

I think as an experienced mum I would very much appreciate the flexibility of the design - the times I have reached into my bag and found the nappies I had in there were too small for my fast-growing baby! One of these can be kept in the car or your bag or at Grandma's for emergencies with no worries about them becoming too small.

For purely aesthetic reasons, in the warm weather we've been having, I would also prefer to see a toddler in one of these cute designs rather than a grubby sagging disposable when it's too warm for clothes to hide the nappy.

Team your purchase of reusable nappies with items from Modibodi's maternity range for a really eco-friendly start to your new life with your new baby.

I love the clever Modibodi breastfeeding singlet which absorbs 10ml per breast cup saving on disposable breast pads and avoiding embarrassing leaky patches on your clothes. It just looks like a black vest top so would be so versatile! The maternity range of underwear copes with light to moderate flow of pee or blood  and is shaped to fit under a bump or new mum-tum. 

Through my career as a print journalist and online content creator there are a few occasions when I am so impressed with a brand or product that I cannot wait to tell people about it. This is one of those times.

My girls love the period products and I love this nappy -all my experience as a mum to seven tells me this will be a practical and beautiful addition to anyone's nursery kit with the benefit of helping to save the planet for your baby.

Disclaimer: I was gifted one Modibodi nappy plus booster pads and bag free for the purpose of this honest review.