How To Fit Your Horse Within Your Mommy Lifestyle

Being a mommy is a challenging job as you have to handle diapers, dirty dishes, cleaning chores, and a lot more. Life can get harder if you are a working professional because you will need to master the balancing act. If you are a horse-loving mama, your equine love may have to take a backseat once you plunge into motherhood. But you can still squeeze in time for your equestrian sessions provided you can align your mindset and lifestyle. Here are some easy ways to stay true to your horse's love while being a perfect mom to your kids. 

Woman riding horse: Photo by Paula Palmieri on Unsplash

Embrace minimalism

The first lesson for moms is to embrace minimalism. It becomes a tad more valuable if you have pets and kids to manage. Doing everything is not possible, so accept your limitations. Trim the extra tasks for some time and focus on your priorities instead. It may be wise to skip gardening as a hobby if you have more important things to do. You will probably get ample time and space for horse care amid your tight schedule by taking a minimalist approach.

Ace your time management skills

Time management skills can come to your rescue when you struggle as a horse-loving mom. It takes a little effort to manage your time, but smart thinking and planning can set you on the right track. Utilize weekends for your riding sessions and stick to the schedule. Maintain flexibility as you may have to skip a weekend to tend to a sick child. You may get an extra day to visit the stable if your spouse is at home. 

Spend quality time with the horse

Even if you get less time with your equine companion as a mom, don’t let it be a hindrance. Strong bonding is the key to good horsemanship, so prioritize it when you are with the animal. It is all about spending quality time together rather than counting the number of hours. While you ride and train the horse, make efforts to connect at a deeper level. Reassuring words and physical contact can do the trick. 

Woman on horse: Photo by Chris Neumann on Unsplash

Ask for help

Handling children and pets together is not a mean feat, and even the best moms can fall short. The pressure can easily stress you out, and you may feel like giving up. Asking for help can make things easier to manage and control. Hire a professional trainer to keep up with equine training while you miss out. Seek childcare support from your partner so that you can be there for your sick or lonely pet.

Inculcate equine love in your kids

You can get back to your equestrian routine once the kids grow up. They can accompany you for the sessions and even have a good time there. Make conscious efforts to inculcate equine love in your kids right from a young age. It will be easy because horsemanship is probably in their genes. Take the little ones along and let them ride once in a while. Your horse will love the kids as much as they love it!

Being a mother should not deprive you of things you love. If you are dedicated and committed to equine love, fitting your horse into your mommy lifestyle will be easier than you imagine. Try these tricks, and you are all set!