Leasing vs Buying a Horse: Which Choice is Right for You?

The goal for most equestrians is to one day have their own horse. However, is ownership the right choice for you? Leasing may not seem as glamourous or as exciting as owning a horse, but there are many merits to it. Horse ownership isn't always budget friendly.

Horse:Photo by Tiago Almeida on Unsplash

Read on for all the information you need to make the decision that is right for you.

Leasing is somewhat like renting; riders pay a fee and receive a schedule for riding the horse. If you choose to lease a horse, you have less financial responsibility making it a better option for people with a budget. Depending on the lease contract, riders are often not responsible for any of the costs associated with the horse's care. 

If the horse experiences any health issues, the owner must absorb the cost of that, not the leaser. Riders are also not tied to the horse in any real way. When riders feel they are ready to progress to the next level in their riding, or if the horse isn't a good match, they aren't stuck with it. They can see the lease contact out and move on. Leasing is also a good choice for those with other time commitments.

However, there are downsides to leasing. There is less freedom; you have to rely on permission from the owner. The contract binds you to certain limitations. The horse belongs to someone else, and you are responsible for its wellbeing. You can get attached to a horse that will never be yours. If that horse is injured or gets poorly on your watch, depending on your lease, there may be repercussions. 

woman riding horse:Photo by Mikayla Storms on Unsplash

Leasing a horse may be the cheaper option in the short term; if you lease for a few years, it can wind up being more expensive than buying a horse outright.

Owning a horse allows you much more freedom. You make all the choices for the horse; you do not have to ask permission from anyone else. As the horse's primary rider, you can structure your training programme and goals. 

This makes it easier to track your progress too. When you own a horse, you quickly become the person that gets to know the horse the best, and it knows you best too. You build a connection that you can't get from leasing.

Although when you own a horse, you are solely responsible for it financially. This means that you have to sort out its boarding, feed, supplements, maintenance, and any vet bills. If the horse is not an excellent match for you or you grow out of it, it can be a tedious and sometimes upsetting process to sell it or lease it out. A horse is a huge commitment, and when you own a horse, it's all up to you.

If you think that you are ready for this commitment, you may need some supplies to get started. Equi Supermarket is a huge online equestrian supermarket. They have everything you could possibly need for your horse. 

Many factors will affect your decision to either buy or lease a horse.  If you think you are ready to take the next step in your equestrian journey, talk to your trainer or instructor. They know your skill level and will be able to advise you.