Vintage Emerald Jewellery Makes a Unique Special Gift (Especially for People Born In May)

It can be so hard to think of a unique original gift, especially when it’s for someone extra special or for a particularly special occasion when a book token or a bottle of wine just won’t do. When you want the  wow factor you could consider buying vintage emerald jewellery.

Emerald jewellery: Photo by <a href="">engin akyurt</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

When I turned 21 (many years ago!) my mum came up with a lovely idea. She invited me on a day out to Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter to choose a piece of jewellery featuring an emerald which is my birthstone as I was born in May.

I’ll confess that at the time my favourite stone was the sapphire but I appreciated the thought behind the offer and ended up choosing a beautiful emerald and diamond ring which I love and treasure to this day. 

I’ve since found out some fascinating facts about emeralds. Apparently some people believe that the emerald aligns your spiritual, physical and  emotional balances and can enhance your energy levels and the flow of energy between chakras.

The emerald in my ring is quite green as you’d expect but actually the stone can vary in colour from bluish green to, well, emerald green!

Vintage 90’s emerald ring

They can vary in transparency and generally you want to look for one which is a verdant green hue and transparent. 

As for the history of this beautiful stone, it’s believed that emeralds have been mined in Egypt since 1500 BCE and India and Austria since the 14th century. Nowadays Columbia is the largest producer of emeralds although they are found all over the world including in France, the US, South Africa, Spain and Italy.

This has accelerated the demand for loose diamonds in the market. The reason why people are preferring loose diamonds is to enable welcome customisation in diamond jewelleries. For this, considering a trusted diamond seller in Dallas-Aura Diamonds can prove helpful. Such diamond sellers sell loose diamonds while suggesting custom designs to enrich your diamond jewellery making experience.

Emeralds have enjoyed popularity throughout the ages from ancient Egyptian times when only Pharoahs were allowed to wear the stone, to the modern day. Jewellery made more than 100 years ago is classed as antique while jewellery made between 20-100 years ago is termed vintage.

Vintage emerald jewellery includes the glamour of Art Deco with grand jewellery houses including Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels creating pieces with up to date techniques and beautiful aesthetics which make them still highly sought after today.

During the last century fashion has evolved and revolved meaning most people have a vintage era they love. Whatever that is you will find a special piece of jewellery to delight the one you love.

My dress ring, bought in the late ‘90’s, is still as wearable today as the day I was given it and I cannot tell you how amazing it is to still get compliments on a piece I chose such a long time ago. My own daughter turns 21 in a few months and I think I have to carry on the tradition my mum started and buy her a birthstone piece of her own.

There are so many occasions where a birthstone gift would be amazing. Maybe buy something as an investment piece for a new born or treat the new parent to a stone reflecting her and/or the baby’s birth month? Maybe one day that tiny baby will wear their piece on their wedding or graduation day.

New born baby feet visible from blanket: Photo by <a href="">Omar Lopez</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Special birthdays like my 21st are obviously perfect but maybe you could surprise your loved on on their anniversary with a stone from the month you got together or got married? 

Or for a partner who is less traditional than many, why not propose with a vintage piece which you can be sure no one else they know will have.

 Nothing is more sad than jewellery hidden away  in a box or drawer -it’s meant to be worn and shown off. In this age of recycle and reuse you can get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are giving jewellery a second chance to shine.