5 Tips to Save Time as a Busy Mum

The mum that seems the least flustered will usually be the one who is a master of scheduling. A mum’s time management skills entail not only arranging their schedules, but also developing lists to keep organised. Making lists of lists to make sure everything is covered is a keen skill to develop. Here are five handy tips that can help you save precious time as a busy mum.

person writing list:Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Get a Planner

Consider writing things down as a means to get one concept out of your head and onto paper, reducing the amount you need to keep in your head. Get a planner that includes both a monthly calendar and a weekly summary. On the monthly calendar, enter events and places to visit, and in the weekly summary, put finer details. There is no such thing as a small task!

Another option is to utilise the calendar on your phone to set reminders. In this way, the alerts can notify you of school tasks that are due or meetings that need to be attended. Planning and organising should not imply cramming extra work into the days, but rather a realistic assessment of what can be accomplished. 

Start Making Lists

Make a shopping list that is updated regularly. Many mums keep a shopping list on the fridge and whenever anyone finishes something, they must add it to the list. Further lists can be more goal-orientated or even include things that have sparked an interest as an outing for the family to plan. 

Use Online Conveniences

Aside from shopping, a variety of chores can be accomplished online, such as scheduling car servicing appointments or paying bills. Set up automatic payments so these never become a forgotten issue. Mortgage payments, insurance premiums, utility bills, memberships and even meal subscriptions can all be done online saving the busy mum so much time in her day. 

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A busy mum who is always searching for more hours in a day can even buy contraception online via Virtually. This is a service offered to women so that they won't have to take time off work or visit a doctor's office. It is offered by the NHS and is free of charge. Ordering contraception online is the easiest way to ensure that busy mums receive guidance from family planning nurses and doctors. Each person’s unique circumstances and choices are taken into account.


Outsourcing entails not only having the house cleaned weekly, but also figuring out how to get other responsibilities completed by someone other than yourself. This can include anything from meal preparation and delivery (as mentioned), to gardening and maintenance, to an au pair to help with the children’s homework, to hiring an accountant to process the taxes. 

Live in the Now

Remember that the mind is a powerful thing. If you believe that being a mum entails making sacrifices or being always pressured, then undoubtedly that is how life will feel. 

However, if you follow a positive approach and persuade yourself that everything is possible, a happy organised life will follow suit. As a mum, you are usually extremely busy, and if you don't know how to manage your time, things can become overwhelming. Time management can be difficult, but it is attainable. It all begins with an altered mindset and the substitution of more positive self-talk for negative labels. Life can become a little easier for mums with these five time-saving tip