Keep Clean and Covid Secure with Clinell Wipes

When Covid-19 first hit,  I made some changes around the house. We created a new system with storing and washing the bathroom and kitchen towels so there would be no accidental cross infection and upped the frequency of cleaning EVERYTHING from hands to worktops.

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When we were first allowed to invite people back into our home my daughter created a lovely poster for our downstairs toilet which was designated visitor only. We left wipes so anyone using the facilities could follow the polite request on our poster to clean the toilet, handbasin, light switch and door handles before leaving.

sign asking visitors to clean after themselves

We started offering standard antibac wipes but now more is known about the virus and products have been developed to kill covid on surfaces we now have much better wipes in there to keep visitors and our family safe.

We all know that cleaning is a vital part of maintaining your household to reduce the spread of germs and keep your family healthy. To make this process easier Clinell wipes and sanitisers are the perfect products to do this whilst leaving your house fresh and bacteria free.

Clinell wipes and sanitisers on table with Christmas tree in background

Clinell wipes are an award winning parenting product, which have been recognised for the use of all household purposes

The disinfecting wipes kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, effective from 10 seconds of cleaning dirty conditions. They are non-corrosive, alcohol and bleach-free making them safe to disinfect your baby’s surfaces and toys. The wipes are also effective against the COVID-19 virus in 30 seconds.

I can't tell you how much more secure I feel using these wipes. A friend who came for dinner recently tested positive a few days later but thanks to careful protocols and thorough cleaning  before and after the meal we so far seem to have escaped being infected (although being double jabbed plus boostered might have helped too!)

Using the large, strong Clinell universal wipes is a breeze and the cleanliness of the house since I used them has been noted by family members. They are safe for food preparation areas and around babies. I particularly like the secure click shut lid to make sure the wipes don't dry out.

Clinell also do a great range of pocket sized hand wipes along with hand sanitiser for on the go cleanliness. I dont know about you but I don't like using communal pumps. Surely the pump top is contaminated plus I often have a bad reaction to some sanitisers. My daughter developed huge hives after using one in a store!

Clinell hand sanitisers on table with Christmas tree in background

Clinell not only do large pump bottles for home but also smaller travel bottles including a very nifty version with a retractable clip. They also do a travel size bottle of universal spray to clean loo seats, door handles, train tables etc. Very handy to carry in your bag.

Clinell wipes and sanitisers on table

You can buy Clinell products online - I checked Amazon this evening and if you have Prime you can get them delivered in time to have the cleanest Christmas ever.

Disclaimer: I received Clinell products free for the purpose of this honest review.