The 7 most important soft skills

The work environment and requirements of candidates have changed rapidly in recent years and soft skills - professional skills - play a more critical role in the selection of staff by companies. Employers are no longer just looking for academic knowledge and experience in the industry but also a number of skills that will contribute to the appropriate selection of human resources. In addition, COVID-19 was the catalyst that accelerated the shift of employers to the search for more essential skills, creating a new reality in the labour market.

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In recent years, technological advances may have been rapid, making digital skills such as programming and data analysis imperative, but human skills have been shown to be irreplaceable. Empathy, communication, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and creativity are just some of the examples of soft skills that will put new data in the job market soon.


What are soft skills?

Soft skills are a set of skills that every employee must have, regardless of the job they hold in a company. These are the personality traits of a person who transports and adapts to any environment he finds, and they are what define and distinguish him from other employees, making him, but also his CV, unique.



Problem-solving is a methodology that may seem mechanical, but it is an extremely creative process. It is about identifying the most critical parameters in complex problems and finding creative and practical solutions to each of them. With simple steps (problem analysis, possible recording solutions, selection, implementation and evaluation of the best solution), you can create the best possible conditions for the effective operation of a business.


Communicative skills

It is not a given that every person can express himself accurately and clearly in oral or written speech. In every part of everyday life, and especially in his work, every employee must have the ability to convey their message effectively, adapting their style and expressiveness according to the occasion. From writing an email and comprehensively recording a report to a detailed presentation to a small or large audience, today's employee must be able to convey his message thoroughly, clearly and purposefully.

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Task priority

The obligations in the work environment are endless, which causes confusion, stress and ultimately reduced performance. However, the proper prioritization of tasks and the demonstration of flexibility in the organization of work in a practical way is an essential skill that an employer is looking for to ensure the effective operation of his business. Find the most critical responsibilities every day and organize your time accordingly.


Pressure control

Admittedly, stress management skills are one of the most difficult skills. In the environment of every modern company, the responsibilities are numerous, and the time pressure is almost daily. Even if the workload is high, demonstrating efficiency and positively tackling problems are paramount skills for you who want to stand out in a team.


Team spirit

"Teamwork makes the dream work," says the famous phrase. The ability to work with others within a team at various organizational levels and respect for the individuality of each person in the team are fundamental skills that you must have. Each person on the team is a separate piece, and together they compose a unique result. Learn to identify the uniqueness of each team member and work effectively with him.


Leadership Qualifications

Everyone wants to be a leader, but few know how to do it right. The ability to manage, develop, and encourage human resources to maximise their performance is a part of every leading personality. In addition, being able to take responsibility as well as take the initiative to implement a high-quality project within set deadlines are special skills for you who want to develop your career.



"Think out of the box", or else find the innovation! It is not enough just to implement what they ask you, but also to be able to do it creatively. Put a unique touch to everything you do and look for creative ways to make your work stand out. This will show, after all, who you are and what you can really do. You will need the element of creativity in more artistic professions that require you to use your talent and imagination. 


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