Fun Slumber Party Ideas for Teens

Sleepovers are fun when friends can come together over food and games and hang out. Teenagers are still at the age where sleepovers can be a fun time, but what are they supposed to do? Many of the things that you would have children do at sleepovers are not the same for the teenage years. Below we have a list of fun activities for teens for their next sleepover to keep them happy.

Movie Night

One of the fun things you can do for a sleepover for teenagers is planning a movie night. Movie nights are fun to stay in with your comfy clothes, favorite snack, and a flick that will excite you. One way to get excited about a movie is with horror films. Teenagers are at the age where horror flicks are becoming increasingly popular, which seems to be their preferred genre. Look for horror movies on Paramount Plus, where you can find the top streaming horror films for your next sleepover.

Game Night

Teens love gaming, whether video games or an arcade-style fun night. There are rental places where you can get arcade-style games for your teen's sleepover night to guarantee that they will have a blast. A foosball ball rental, air hockey rental, and more can be found online for your next sleepover, and it is popular with both the girls and the guys, so with a game night, you can't go wrong. Have it set up in your basement area or even the back yard, and prepare some carnival theme foods like corndogs, funnel cakes, and pretzels to give some added fun with food.

A Night Outside

Camping can be a fun co-op sleepover activity, and you don't have to go far for this sleepover style. Setting up a makeshift campsite in the backyard is the perfect idea for a teenage sleepover. Pitch a tent big enough for the group outside, complete with a firepit so they can sit around the fire roasting marshmallows and telling stories to each other for a night filled with fun. If co-op sleepovers aren't your thing, this idea is perfect for either the girls or the guys as it will be a night spent with friends that they will love.

Girls Night

If you have a teenage girl, they will love this next idea. Plan for a girl's night in with the perfect spa night sleepover. Set out face masks, nail polish, and lotions so they can do spa treatments on each other and relax together. You can even theme the food for a spa night with a meat and cheese board and sparkling cider in fancy flutes. This is the perfect idea for the teenage girl in your life who wants a night to relax and have fun with her friends.


Challenges are fun activities that will strike it big with any teen sleepover. You can do many challenges that will help your teens have fun. One of the challenges they have that has become super popular is the bean-boozled challenge. This challenge is where you eat flavored jelly beans with surprise flavors and try to guess what they are, and keep them down. There are innocent flavors like tutti fruitti and bubble gum, but there are other flavors like cut grass and sweaty socks. This challenge will keep them on their toes while sharing a laugh or two with their friends.

The Best Sleepover

The thing to remember about hosting a sleepover for teens is to keep it simple and have fun. Even a simple movie night with pizza is enough to keep them happy and entertained. The teenage years are more focused on being around friends, and as long as they have something to keep them fed and entertained, they will do just fine.