Fun Ways to Teach a Child to Practice Good Oral Hygiene


Good oral hygiene is essential to one's health. That is why it is necessary to teach oral hygiene at a young age. Unfortunately, many children from two to eleven years old have cavities because of poor oral hygiene.

teach children to brush teeth


Many parents complain about teaching their kids to brush their teeth. Parents must teach their children the importance of practicing dental hygiene. Good thing there are different ways to encourage children to brush their teeth the fun way.


Lead by example


Leading by example is the best way to teach the young ones. It also applies if you will teach them about dental hygiene. If the children observe that their parents and other older family members practice good oral habits, they will surely follow. Let your kids watch you while brushing or flossing your teeth. We know young ones love to imitate what they see from older people. In no time, you will see your kids pretend-brushing.


Brush Together


It is easier to teach children to brush their teeth correctly by brushing together. Kids will imitate how parents do it and learn from it. Brushing together is not only teaching children but also the best time to bond.


Reward system


If you see your child doing their best to learn how to brush their teeth, offer a small reward. Letting them play is a suitable reward and avoid giving sugary treats. Always motivate your kids to practice good dental hygiene until it becomes their habit.


Find a fun toothbrush song.


Another way to motivate your children to brush their teeth is by letting them listen to fun toothbrush songs while brushing their teeth. There are many fun songs you can sing along to. Let them watch videos of children toothbrushing and let them mimic. It will turn out to be a positive and fun experience.


Make a game of it


Teaching your children brushing their teeth can be fun by integrating some games. For instance, let them brush the teeth of a doll. Afterward, please encourage them to do the same with their teeth. Kids will indeed have fun and enjoy brushing their teeth. Ensure to have a more positive experience so that they will love doing it again.


Toothpaste choices


Let your children choose their toothbrushes and toothpaste. It will motivate them how they will brush their teeth. Children would want toothpaste with flavor and not the one with minty flavor. It would be easier to convince them to brush their teeth using their favorite toothbrush and toothpaste.


Tell Stories


Try another trick by telling stories if you find it challenging to convince your child. Children are imaginative and love storytelling. Look for children's books that have stories about dental hygiene. When telling a story, try making it more personalized so that your children will understand it clearly. Tell them about the "tooth fairy" and explain the importance of caring for their teeth.


Let your child choose


As mentioned above, letting your child choose the things they want to use is a good bargaining technique. It would be easier to encourage kids to follow you in return for allowing them to choose.


Find a Good Dentist


It is ideal for introducing your kids to a Markham family dentist early. If your children are familiar with a dentist, they will also know the significance of brushing their teeth. They can also help instill in the minds of kids good oral hygiene.


It is daunting to teach children to practice good oral hygiene, especially early. Parents must set a routine to follow every day. The routine must be workable with the kids. Set a timer for at least two minutes and check how well your child is brushing their teeth. If you notice the child is struggling, play a video clip and let your child watch it. Every time you do the routine, talk to your child and constantly remind them of the importance of brushing their teeth.


If your child doesn't know how to brush correctly, better teach the correct technique. First, do the brushing for them. Show them how to hold the toothbrush properly and the stroke of brushing. Make sure your child is comfortable and doesn't feel any pain. Check for any irritation of the gums.


Brushing the teeth twice a day is ideal for toddlers. Let your child understand the concept of brushing and flossing the teeth. It can also help familiarize toothbrushing by letting your child brush in front of a mirror.


Final thoughts


The tips mentioned above can help a lot of parents how to teach their children about dental hygiene. Practicing good oral hygiene