Ways to Apologize to your Child

As an adult - and particularly as a parent - admitting you are wrong is never easy. This isn't necessarily because parents are bad or selfish people! It is normal, when you are in control of every aspect of your and your child's life, to feel affronted, embarrassed, and unwilling to admit it when you get something wrong. 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Being able to own up to your mistakes and apologize to your child is extremely important, however, for both them and you. If you find yourself struggling with the best way to express your regret and say sorry to your child - or to a child in your life - here are some tips to help you get started in a way that will be meaningful, effective, and hopefully painless!


1. Make Them a Video


These days, children spend an unbelievable amount of time on their digital devices. Whether or not you are a fan of that fact, your fighting it isn't going to change things. What’s more, their time spent glued to the tablet or computer offers you a way to frame your apology that is creative, exciting, and avoids eye contact!


Film yourself sincerely saying sorry on your own phone or tablet and send it to your child via the messaging app of their choice. Though it may seem a little cringy to you, they will appreciate that you've been willing to make a fool of yourself - and that you've put your words of apology in video format for them to revisit forevermore!


2. Buy Them a Gift


This may seem like a somewhat manipulative way to get your child's forgiveness, but it can also show that you are truly apologetic when you've done something that has really upset them or hurt their feelings. So long as you make it clear that you are buying them a gift or something they have wanted for a very long time - Lenovo children's tablets are a great example - as a part of a humbling process by which you acknowledge your wrongs, an 'I'm sorry' present for your child is a great way to start to rebuild singed bridges. 

You can also make a gift for your child to help them feel special and make them understand that your 'I'm sorry' isn't just a matter of words. Cooking their favorite meal or taking them out to their favorite museum or play place is a great way to show your sincere sense of contrition.


3. Take Them Out on an Adventure 


The most difficult part about saying a sincere 'sorry' to your child is that it seems out of place in everyday life. One way to get around this issue is to take your kid out on a day trip or other type of adventure! The change in environment, as well as the new experiences, will provide an easier framework for honest conversation, and you may find that formulating the words for that big apology isn't so difficult after all.


Now you know how to apologize to your child.