Cosmos+ BuddyPhones for Children - Wired/Wireless Headphone Review (AD)

My youngest is never far from his headphones. He's an avid gamer and also likes to listen to music via headphones to soothe himself. He's autistic with sensory issues and from a very young age has used ear defenders and headphones to make daily life more bearable.

Teenage Child wearing Cosmos+ BuddyPhones headphones

We've not had much luck with bluetooth wireless headphones up until now. Charge never held for long and he got annoyed when the range was so short. One of his siblings bought him a new set of wired headphones for his birthday last year but he's forever chewing the lead.....

Ear bud style headphones are convenient for many but he finds them quite uncomfortable and they don't really offer any significant noise cancelling effect which he finds very useful. I have a set of VERY expensive headphones which can be adapted to be more or less noise cancelling depending on ambient noise and your location. He likes them but they aren't a great fit even though I have a small head.

Then I discovered the new BuddyPhones from Cosmos+,  (GIFTED) especially designed for kids with a number of cute designs. I was worried they might be too small but they fit my 13-year-old's head perfectly with plenty of room for growth too. Best of all they've been designed to protect kids from hearing loss with settings for different age ranges from toddler to teen. 


Cosmos+ BuddyPhones

Cosmos+ BuddyPhones and case

The new Cosmos+ wireless active noise cancelling headphones are great for kids to use from remote learning and in-school computer lessons to gaming, listening to music and watching videos. With children now using technology for education as well as entertainment the Cosmos+ provide a new level of protection for children’s hearing. 

Although noise induced hearing loss cannot be reversed, it can be prevented by ensuring young ears are suitably protected. The best way to protect children from progressive hearing loss is to equip them with a pair of headphones that limits how loud the volume can go. Using a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children by the World Health Organization, BuddyPhones® are tailor-made for kids to be the toughest, safest sound solutions available.

With a slew of new audio features, fun designs, a range of colours; Cool Blue, Rose Pink, Sun Yellow, Grey Matter, Deep Blue and Snow White and volume limiting capability the BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ are ideal for use when studying, when watching films or listening to music whilst still ensuring hearing health is protected.

The BuddyPhones Cosmos+ brings an upgrade to ONANOFF’s flagship wireless kid’s headphone with a high quality detachable boom mic and 3 SafeAudio® settings to choose from. With these 3 different listening modes of 94dB TravelMode, 85dB KidsMode and 75dB ToddlerMode, the headphones can be tailored to the child’s needs and environment. 

ONANOFF‘s patented StudyMode® helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals that will help young scholars to focus when studying or watching lessons. These different audio settings can be tailored to the child’s educational needs, at home or in school. The foldable headphones with soft protein PU leather ear pads also include a BuddyLink for sharing so siblings and friends can easily watch and play together.


The BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ boast a 24-hour battery life for wireless use or a wired connection option, making them ideal for keeping children entertained whilst travelling or on long car trips. The Cosmos+ now features new, more durable designs, a travel case for easy transport, and a fun and eye-catching design using a process called “In Mold Design” to produce intricate artwork on the ear cups with a premium finish that is fully scratch resistant.

Cosmos+ BuddyPhones in case

I am not exaggerating when I say these headphone have been one of the best tools in my son's armoury in coping with and enjoying life. From tuning into his favourite sounds, working on his laptop and using them as sophisticated ear defenders these have proved one of the most useful acquisitions for many a year.

Only this weekend he has worn them on a trip to see his baby nephew where he was able to cope with a noisy park filled with stimuli which might normally have forced us to abandon the trip. And the very next day he felt able to come with us to a busy country show and with the help of his calming music was able to enjoy the day and even was relaxed enough to take some amazing photographs during a noisy motorbike stunt show.

Obviously although I am singing the praises of these headphones for those with sensory sensitivity they are an ideal purchase for anyone wanting good quality equipment for their children to use for working and playing. W particularly like the sturdy case which keeps them and the charging and optional audio wire neat and safe and the very clear markings for left and right so parents or kids know which way round they go, unlike my headphones which have tiny letters only to be read by pixies with exceptional eyesight.

Cosmos+ Buddyphones, inside headphone

My only complaint, if I could call it that, is that considering these are a great fit for my teen and would be incredibly useful for tweens and teens as well as your get children I think the designs are a little young for more streetwise children and maybe a plain option or a pattern instead of the character might prove popular with some. However my son rather likes the eccentric professor on the sides of his grey set. He told me the range is amazing and he can walk around the house and even to the end of our lengthy garden without losing signal. He says the battery life is amazing too. The BuddyPhones get a big thumbs up from him!

BuddyPhones® Cosmos+ wireless ANC kid-proof, kid-safe headphones to protect little ears from increasing tech exposure - available in Cool Blue, Rose Pink, Sun Yellow, Grey Matter, Deep Blue and Snow White from for £99.90 

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