Our Pearl (30th) Wedding Anniversary

 Today is our 30th wedding anniversary which some arbitrary organisation or person has decided makes it a "pearl" wedding anniversary. That's OK by me - I've always liked pearls ever since one of the original girl bosses, journalist Kate Adie, used to broadcast from war zones wearing flak jackets and pearl earrings.

My husband actually managed to find me a beautiful pearl pendant which doesn't give off too many old lady vibes and for his gift I edited one of our original wedding prints (one taken by a guest) to make it black and white and had it framed. It will join the collection of vintage family photographs I have on my bedroom wall and will in fact be the first and only wedding pic we have every displayed.

madmumof7 and husband wedding pic in black and white

We've just been for a celebration breakfast (what better excuse to drink gin with a full English) at our local pub with most of our children and our 6 month old grandson who was suitably thrilled to be enthroned in a high chair on a pub on a Monday morning with three of his uncles and his grandparents admiring his every movement.

We won't go out tonight - my husband works nights - but we had a lovely theatre night with dinner and drinks last week (a gift from a friend) and next week we are finally off to Venice with friends, a trip which has been rebooked many times because of the pandemic.

When I said "I do" three decades ago I never imagined having seven children or having any of the experiences and adventures or traumas and accidents which have made our lives together so interesting.

I have lived in the south longer than I lived in the Black Country but I am still amused when our local Facebook page warns us to look out for escaped sheep, or I find myself sitting in our garden, or with friends at their homes watching owls, bats and Red Kites swoop and the stars pop out, free of the light pollution I was used to as a Miss.

So, is 30 years married enough to answer the question, "what's the secret of a happy marriage?" As a young reporter on a weekly newspaper I was often sent out to to ask oldies this question. They nearly always answered "give and take" and "never go to sleep on an argument" and I have to agree those are both good rules to live by as a couple.

I am hoping to enjoy another 30 years at least with my husband despite our combined medical issues. We have lots more adventures planned together and with our ever expanding family.💖