7 Affordable Ways to Treat Yourself

Self-care and looking after yourself is an important part of life that many struggle to prioritise. However, self-care can not only help you manage stress and improve your physical health, but it can help improve your relationship with your loved ones. One way to care for yourself is by treating yourself - something that doesn’t always have to break the bank. 


That’s why we’ve come up with 7 affordable ways to treat yourself:


Have breakfast in bed

breakfast tray on bed:Photo by freestocks on Unsplash


There’s a reason so many of us indulge in hotel room service. And it’s easy to recreate that feeling in your own home by treating yourself to breakfast in bed. Grab the avocados and toast the sourdough, and finish it all off with a champagne glass of juice - or, well, champagne. 


Go for a long walk


Remember when everyone started walking in the pandemic? Well, some of us never stopped. Take yourself out for the day and explore the outdoors on a long hike or a walk somewhere new. Studies show that being in nature has a massive impact on your mood and overall health, which makes it a great stress buster and an easy method for complete self-care.


Take a day off work


Chances are you’ve got some holiday left over, so if you can, take a day off work to do literally nothing at all. Sleep in, make some delicious food, and enjoy having absolutely no commitments for the day. We guarantee it’ll do wonders.


Have a bath


legs protruding from bubble bath:Photo by Joshua Oluwagbemiga on Unsplash

We’ve all seen that one Friends episode when Chandler indulges in his bit of self-care by taking a bath. And you should follow suit as well. Run yourself a nice big bath and fill it with bubbles or salts to relax your muscles - and your mind.


Eat your favourite food, guilt-free


Whether it’s cake, cookies, fudge, or even dark chocolate, simply enjoying some of your favourite delicious foods can sometimes be the ultimate form of self-care. Eat it all in one sitting and whack on your favourite series or movie in the background - it’s a recipe for success, every single time.  


Buy a new flavoured coffee


You can’t always afford to get takeaway coffee on the regular, we know that. But treating yourself to that fancy new flavour you’ve been eyeing up recently will make you feel a whole lot better. Take an hour to sip your favourite flavour bean at your local coffee shop while reading a good book - and yes, we won’t judge you if it’s pumpkin spice.


Sleep in 


It’s true! Catching up on sleep has so many benefits. Life is often hectic and we all need to take a break sometimes, and honestly, a nap is a perfect cure. Shut your blinds, get into bed, and take an hour or so to relax and catch some z’s. It’s what the Spanish do, after all.


Treating yourself is the ultimate form of self-care. Take time to prioritise yourself by following the above tips - and put yourself first for a change. Trust us, you deserve it.