Catching Coronavirus AGAIN!

 I felt a bit rough on Friday. Put my headache down to weird weather and my born female child's menstruation which always tips my post-menopausal body into a state of confusion. Yep. I get PMS even at 53. 

My throat felt a bit scratchy the next day and I felt very tired but after a busy day gardening and barbecuing I put it down to too much Cava and hay fever. On Sunday I felt distinctly poorly and while scrolling through my news app read that lots of fully vaccinated (and boosted) Brits like me were coming down with coronavirus, mostly Omicron. The symptoms listed matched mine so out of curiosity I did a test.


Covid 19 lateral flow test

Last time I tested positive in January I had to do a PCR and self isolate for almost two weeks. I holed up in our caravan on the driveway trying to protect my classed as vulnerable husband. He actually tested positive three days after I came out of isolation but thankfully sailed through his covid-19 experience.

Government guidance is confusing at best. It's a bit "meh". Try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days, the advice reads. Try and avoid vulnerable people for 10 days. But if I worked at Tesco (for instance) they would still expect me in, contagious or not.

So do I go to the coffee date and work event I've been looking forward to? Do I warn people I've been in touch with and if so, how far back do I go from the test date? There's no concrete advice really.

Given the news my coffee date who lives with someone vulnerable decided to reschedule and I've not heard back from the (outdoor) event organisers but I'm guessing they won't want this plague rat (my family's current nickname for me) potentially infecting their party-goers.

Thankfully I already feel much better and I'm hoping against all odds that this is my last brush with the most famous coronavirus on the planet.