Four Ways to Optimise Space in Your Children’s Bedrooms

Space is always a premium when it comes to your home. Lack of space happens to be one of the leading reasons why people choose to move house, especially in a post-pandemic work of home offices and remote working. Space can be even harder to find if you are lucky enough to have kids in your life; their rooms can quickly fill with furniture, clothes and toys. What ways can you use to maximise this space?

Kids messy room:Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

Over-Bed Storage

The biggest and most disruptive item of furniture in any room is the bed. Whether single or double, it renders a significant chunk of any bedroom space unusable for storage both above and below – that is, unless you use some fun furniture choices to take advantage of these spaces.

The space above the bed is typically left well alone, but you could make use of this space by opting for an over bed wardrobe. This is especially useful for room layouts where the bed is central in the room; the wardrobe provides storage on either side, as well as above. The above-bed storage can be used for less-needed items like winter clothes and spare bedding, without taking valuable space away elsewhere.

Raising the Bed

Alternatively, you could seek to raise your child’s bed and create more room beneath it. Using a high sleeper or cabin bed can make bedtimes fun for kids, while unlocking the full square footage of the bed in floor space – creating room for a desk or for more storage like a wardrobe.

Bespoke Shelving

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

A lot of your children’s mess can accumulate on tables and desks, as a result of homework or craft activities. A good way to keep these spaces clutter free, while keeping the important things still within reach, is to install shelves on the walls. Rather than settling on a simple pre-built shelving unit, you can customise your children’s storage with floating shelves in any combination and arrangement.

Boxes and Crates

When it comes to tidying as a bedroom chore, it can be a source of endless frustration to find yourself continually nagging your children to start. If your kids are having trouble keeping on top of their bedrooms, rather than carrying on with the Sisyphean task of getting your kids to tidy their rooms, you could instead focus on making it easier for them to do so. 

One of the best ways to do this is to introduce boxes and crates as a form of toy storage. These can slide easily under beds or in the bottom compartment of wardrobes, and make it far easier to categorise toys and even things like blankets and linen. Then, when it comes time to tidy, the process is as easy as placing toys in the box they came from.