Protect and Hydrate your Skin with SPF Moisturisers from skinChemist Youth Series Range (AD)

When I was a child, as far as I remember sun protection wasn't anywhere near as widely used as it is now. We might have used sun protection on holiday overseas but in those long British summers I don't recall using any. Now the shelves are packed with a wide range of lotions, creams, oils and sprays and applying SPF protection for day to day life is normal.

I've yet to find anything however which suited the delicate skin on my face hence why only a couple of weeks ago my forehead got badly burned during an unexpected sunny spell during a day out.

As if my magic the next day I opened an email from the lovely people at skinChemist who offered a sample of one of their new SPF protective skincare Youth Series range which also helps keep wrinkles at bay. (Gifted)

skinChemist SPF Wrinkle Killer Day Cream

Youth Series Wrinkle Killer Sun Protection Day Cream comes in SPF 30 and 50 and is made with mineral filters and chemical filters which they clam literally freezes wrinkles and aids protection against the broad solar spectrum.

The products not only protects against UVB radiation which causes us to burn but against the entire ultraviolet spectrum which can cause premature ageing of the skin, skin conditions and even cancer.

The cream is unscented and although when applying I found it more like a night cream in texture and appearance, the white moisturiser easily melted into my skin leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated and not greasy at all.

My SPF 30 moisturiser arrived just in time for a four night break in Gran Canaria and despite "Extremely High" UV levels of 11+ E I did not burn at all, not even my nose or forehead. I actually used the cream not only on my face but also on my neck and chest, using standard sun cream everywhere else.

skinChemist SPF 30 Wrinkle Killer Day Cream

Of course SPF protection is not just for holidays and sunshiney days. Even in the UK your skin can be damaged on cloudy days, especially during the summer months.

So much as I love the skin care brand I have been using, as it doesn't have any SPF protection in any of its products, this magical marvellous pot of protection and hydration is my new fave.

To try this face cream for yourself shop at or

SPF 30 costs £24.99
SPF 50 costs £34.99